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Copper Solar Garden Lights

Silicon Solar carries a nice line of Copper Solar Lights - our copper solar garden lights include some hanging solar lights, some ground-stake solar lights and all look great in every garden or landscape

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What do I do if the solar panel on my garden or patio light looks cloudy/dirty?

Dirt and dust will accumulate on lights over time and if the solar panel becomes blocked it can affect the output of the panel. This can normally be dealt with by wiping the panels clean. The solar panels on small garden lights may also naturally cloud over time, especially when stored in the warehouse for extended periods of time. Lights should still be charged and tested, as in many cases it will not affect the operation of the light....

What Is FlowMaxx Solar Piping Used For?

FlowMaxx flexible solar piping is a pre-insulated piping run from your solar collectors to your pump station in a typical residential solar hot water installation.

Solar Garden Ornaments & Specialty Lights

Our solar garden ornaments & specialty are specifically designed to be purely decorative (and a little functional) additions to your garden or landscape. Some of our most solar garden ornaments and specialty lights are:Solar Christmas & holiday lights Solar garden statues and figurines

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What type of bulb is best for my flood lighting application?

Typically speaking, LEDs are the best choice in outdoor flood lighting. When compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights, LEDs have a longer life, perform better in varied weather climates, are more durable and are generally more efficient (Lumens / Watt). These factors make LEDs the fastest growing choice in outdoor lighting applications and the clear choice is solar flood lighting systems.

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