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Pitchfork Music Festival

Pitchfork Music Festival is held annually in Chicago's Union Park and organized by Pitchfork Media. Typically, the festival is held on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday in early July, and features alternative rock, rap, hip hop, electronica and dance music artists (though it also hosts hardcore punk, experimental/avant-garde rock and jazz musicians from time-to-time).

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Solar Shelter Lights & Indoor Lights

Our solar shelter lights and indoor lighting are designed to dramatically slash your electric bill by making your lighting cheaper than ever to operate. Check out our indoor lighting and solar shelter lighting, including our extremely cheap to run low-power DC compact fluorescent light bulbs, and more below.

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What should I do if my light is not turn on at night because of too much ambient light?

If your solar light is not lighting up at night because there is too much ambient light on the street, there is a solution for you! You can simply purchase a photo eye, place it in the shadow of the light and connect the lights to the batteries. That will solve the problem caused by too much ambient light!


Bonnaroo is a festival set in the middle of the wilderness away from the city, where festival goers may find themselves watching a live comedy show, showering under a giant mushroom, or getting lost in nature. Bonnaroo Music Festival has been promoting environmental awareness for the past three years by promoting itself as a sustainable festival.

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What is the difference between our Genlight 54 and our Genlight 108?

The GenLight 54 LED operates for a longer time per night, while the GenLight 108 LED has a brighter light output.

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