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Above Ground Pools Vs In Ground Pools

Should you choose an in ground pool or an above ground pool? What are the major differences between the two? Let's take a quick look and see. In Ground Vs Above Ground Pools: Cost: Typically, an in ground pool is far more expensive than above ground pools. The initial cost of a in ground pool will run anywhere between $30-70K. Factors such as the size, type and options for the in ground pool will add up to...

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Do PowerFilm solar panels need maintenance?

Solar Panels are very low maintenance in general. As long as you perform routine checks of the wiring to insure that it maintains its integrity, and wipe off the panel with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and grime that has built up on it, your panels should last a very long time.

How will my solar power work with my grid-connected utility company? What is net metering?

When the sun's DC power is converted to AC output, a meter records the kWh of solar energy that your panels have produced.  When you are using the exact amount of power that your solar system has produced, the meter stays still.  If you are producing less than you are using, then you will draw electricity to use from your utility you are are producing more than you are using,  the excess power will spin backwards and collect credit...

How many batteries can I charge at a time with the TravelSol Flex Charger?

The TravelSol Flex Charger can charge 2 AA, 2 AAA, 2 C, and 2 D batteries at a time.  You can not charge two different batteries at the same time, such as an A and a C.

Solar Flag Lights

Budget OptionPatioPal 24LED Our low-cost solar flag lighting option is great for home and small business flags where you want a powerful flag light without breaking the bank.View ProductProfessional OptionGenLight 2X Our professional solar flag lighting option is our renowned GenLight 2X commercial solar light and is great for larger size flags at a variety of locations.View ProductCustom OptionEnviroLight FX The most reliable and powerful solar flag lighting systems on the market. EnviroLight FX solar flag lights are your choice when you...

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Top 5 Solar Powered Garden Lights

I love solar powered garden lights!  I have loved them for years.  I got the love from my grandmother, grandfather and mother, who have been using solar powered garden lights for as long as I can remember.  I especially love to mix-n-match my solar garden lights.  Every year, you'll see several different types in my own garden.Below I have dug out 5 of my favorite solar powered garden lights from those that I have used over the years.  Each...

Mobile Device & Phone Solar Chargers

This category offers innovative solar products that allow you to keep your essential work and life organizer, your PDA, ipod, iphone, almost any low voltage battery device fully charged. All units include two shatterproof solar panels that will quickly charge your PDA's batteries in 1-3 hours

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