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How To Embed A Product Video On The Product Page

To start, you should open two tabs in your browser:The YouTube page that has the video on it The Edit product page for the product you are adding the video toStart by going to YouTube and getting the code that you need to use to embed the video within the product page:Click "Share" and then "Embed" on the video page Check the correct settings ("use old embed code" and "use https" & video size with a width of 640px) Copy the embed...

Solar Training Seminars & Workshops

Solar Energy can be a complicated and broad topic to understand. Silicon Solar has years of experience working with a broad range of Solar Energy products and services, and we are interested in ensuring that all of our customers, dealers, installers and partners have the opportunity to learn from Silicon Solar Trained Professionals and Technicians regarding today's newest solar products, hottest solar services, and have a strong grasp on all of the tools, skills and information they need to...

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What is the difference between passive and passive solar?

Passive and passive solar refers to the building design. Passive is more advanced in its building design as it has super-insulation and a structure that can hold heat when its cold and can keep the house cool when its hot because it is a built system that does not depend on the sun. Passive solar also collects heat from the sun but it leaks air. The key difference is that Passive systems holds the heat and keeps the cool...

How Much Flexible Solar Piping Do I Need?

A typical residential solar thermal system will use about 80ft of pre-insulated flexible solar piping. That is why our stainless steel solar piping is sold in 80ft and 160ft segments – to ensure that you have enough, but never so much that you waste your money.

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Solar Spot Lights

Our solar spot lights are the most popular and widely used in the industry. We have a variety of solar spot lights, sized for a whole host of different solar lighting applications. Some of the most popular uses of our solar spot lights are:Lighting up small trees, shrubs and prize winning flowers Lighting small statues, figurines and fountains Small and medium outdoor signs & many, many moreWhen you choose our solar spot lights you never have to worry about underground wiring and re-landscaping,...

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