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Solar Garden Spot Lights

Silicon solar focused on solar spot lighting several years ago when we came across a customer who wanted to simply illuminate a small 5 x 7 ft sign and he was moving his locating from South Carolina to New York. Each light he had installed underground and had to re-dig requiring extra time out of his move to be wasted on some high density incandescent bulbs. With our solar spot lights placed on the side of his existing conventional...

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Commercial Solar Hot Water Evaluation

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Residential Solar Hot Water Evaluation

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Residential Solar Electric (PV) Evaluation

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How does the motion sensor on this solar flood light work?

The motion sensor senses infrared motion (not trees or other objects which do not give off heat). The unit will sense motion up to about 30 ft away.

Solar Fountain Pumps

Big Solar Pump Kit12 – 24v AquaJet Pro Solar Fountain Pump Kit $ 299.95 | $ 199.95VIEW THESE LIGHTS Small Solar Pump Kit6 – 9v AquaJet Pro Solar Fountain Pump Kit $ 139.90 | $ 89.95VIEW THESE LIGHTS Finding The Right Solar Water Fountain Pump What size solar water fountain pump do you need for circulation depending on the size of your pond? Use the table below to find out.Pond Size (G) Min Pump (GPH)30 – 100 50 GPH100 – 200 100 GPH200 – 400 200 GPH400 – 700 350 GPH700 – 900 450 GPH Quick NavigationAll...

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Take the first step towards unlimited solar energy! The Silicon Solar Grid Tie System with Battery Backup can help you & the world!

Tired of being dependent on your utility company's expesnive grid power? Want to avoid rising electricity costs? Maybe you'd prefer using renewable energy instead of unreliable fossil fuels? By converting to solar power, you can start saving dollars from day one with free, clean, reliable sun energy. No longer worry about rising electricity costs from your utility company, because you will be producing your own electricity from the sun for free! Silicon Solar’s Residentaial Grid-Tie Solar Kits wih Battery...

Ptec 50g Repl Anode

Replacement anode for the Stormaxx Ptec 50 gallon.   1 1/4 "Thd x 23 "LReplacement anode for the Stormaxx Ptec 50 gallon.   1 1/4 "Thd x 23 "L

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Flexible Solar Panel – FlexFold 62 Watt

SolMaxx FlexFold Flexible Panels 62W:This solar panel isrnperfect for campers, military applications, and for anyone who needsrnrugged power in a small package, FlexFold Flexible Solar Panels arernincredibly durable, light and portable. They are also extremelyrnpowerful. The FlexFold 62W Flexible Solar Panels are built tornmilitary specifications and even under the harshest conditions thatrnmother nature can throw at them they will continue to deliverrnunrivaled performance at a very affordable price.rnThe P3 Portable Power Pack is used worldwide to provide users withrnan...

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