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TruPower AC Off Grid Cabin Kit 600W – Cloudy

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Product Details & Specifications

TruPower AC Off Grid Cabin Kit 600W – Cloudy

Silicon Solar provide the most efficient solar kit tailored for your specific need. Our Off Grid Cabin Kits are designed to efficiently take your cabins off the grid according to the insolation value, the amount of solar radiation energy received on a surface at a given time, in your area. To find out the insolation value in your area, refer to the table with information about the different insolation levels below.

Silicon Solar solar cabin kits are very inclusive. Our TruPower AC Off Grid Cabin Kit 600W – Cloudy can efficiently provide reliable power supply in areas with small amount of sunlight,

The TruPower AC Off Grid Cabin Kit 600W – Cloudy features 6 x 100W solar panels with 2 x 200AH batteries is tailored specifically for areas with low intensity of sunlight. This kit can efficiently provide grid independent energy supply for your cabin.

The system does not connect to the grid (or wall outlet); therefore, it can become your primary source of electricity which in turn saves you money from avoiding grid usage. Off-Grid Cabin Kit is perfect if you want to go green and utilize renewable energy that will ultimately reduce the cost of your electricity bill.

Off grid solar kits are easy to install, usually within a day, but Silicon Solar recommend the presence of an electrician or solar installer or at least have them verify that all installations are correct before power configuration.

This kit include all the major components needed for a solar installation. Because each installation is different, some parts may need separate purchases to satisfy your specific project needs.


Silicon Solar provide a 30 year power guarantee on the TruPower solar panels. We offer the longest power guarantee on the solar panel in the industry to assured our TruPower solar panels generation of energy, and also to assured you get the right return based on your investment.Silicon Solar TruPower Solar panel 30 years power guarantee provide a reliability which is beyond compare.

Silicon solar also offer a 10 year component warranty on the TruPower Series Components. By using Silicon Solar as your innovative solar solution, you can benefits from our warranty!

Please contact us or call us for more information about warranty at 1.800.786.0329.




100W Solar Panel


1500W Pure Sine Wave inverter(Off-Grid)


12V 200AH Battery


12/24/48V Solar Charge Controller


Disconnect/Combiner Box


80A 300VDC Ground Fault Protector


300V Surge Capacitor


9A 150V DC Breaker


13” Battery to Battery Interconnects (Black)


13” Battery to Battery Interconnects (Red)


120” Battery to Inverter Interconnects


Solar Panel Interconnecting Wires


 USA Solar Insolation level USA solar insolation levels

Types of Kit Insolation level
Cloudy 1-3.5
Moderate 3.5-5.2
Sunny 5.2 or above


SKU / Model DC / AC Type PV Array Size Energy Provided More Details
TruPower-AC-Cabin-120W-Sunny             AC         120 Watts 500 Watt-Hours per day, for 2 days More Details & Order
TruPower-AC-Cabin-240W-Sunny             AC         240 Watts 500 Watt-Hours per day, for 2 days More Details & Order
TruPower-AC-Cabin-300W-Sunny             AC         300 Watts 500 Watt-Hours per day, for 2 days More Details & Order
Trupower-AC-Cabin-240W-Moderate             AC         240 Watts 750 Watt-Hours per day, for 2 days More Details & Order
Trupower-AC-Cabin-400W-Moderate             AC         400 Watts 750 Watt-Hours per day, for 2 days More Details & Order
Trupower-AC-Cabin-500W-Moderate             AC         500 Watts 750 Watt-Hours per day, for 2 days More Details & Order
Trupower-AC-Cabin-500W-Cloudy             AC         500 Watts 1000 Watt-Hours per day, for 2 days More Details & Order
Trupower-AC-Cabin-600W-Cloudy             AC         600 Watts 1000 Watt-Hours per day, for 2 days More Details & Order
Trupower-AC-Cabin-800W-Cloudy             AC         800 Watts 1000 Watt-Hours per day, for 2 days More Details & Order

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Off-Grid-Cabin-Solar-Kit-Cloudy-Medium-600W2Flow Chart


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