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Solar Street Lights & Parking Lot Lights


Why do you need a solar street & parking lot light?

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Street lighting has always been one of the most energy consuming lighting system. In fact, government and business spend millions and millions of dollars on street lighting. This becomes one of the main reasons why solar street lights are becoming more popular.
Solar street lights were mostly used in third world countries, remote area, and disaster locations for years, or area which has no power grid to support consistent electricity. However, under today’s economy, the prices for traditional electric sources are extremely high. On the other hand, solar technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper, and more efficient at the same time. Solar street lights are being used around the world in developed and developing countries by both governments and businesses.
Solar street lights provide years of powerful, efficient and cost-effective lighting under all climates and areas. Solar street lights are definitely the right lighting solution for your street, parking lots, and area, etc.

Lighting Application & Feature of Solar Street Lights



Solar street lights aren’t just for street, they can be used for a variety of solar lighting applications, including:

  • Street and highway lighting
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Dock and marina lighting
  • Park and walking trail lighting

Feature of the PathLight Solar Street & Parking Lot Lights:

  • Easy to install
  • Plug and Play design
  • All In One Unit Design, no need to deal with wires & parts placement
  • 100% Energy Independent Solar Power System
  • Designed to Operate Under Extreme Climate
  • $0 Electric Bill
  • Last for 10 hours under full energy mode
  • Last for 20 hours under energy saving mode
  • Latest motion sense technology