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Take the first step towards unlimited solar energy! The Silicon Solar Grid Tie System with Battery Backup can help you & the world!

Tired of being dependent on your utility company’s expesnive grid power? Want to avoid rising electricity costs? Maybe you’d prefer using renewable energy instead of unreliable fossil fuels? By converting to solar power, you can start saving dollars from day one with free, clean, reliable sun energy. No longer worry about rising electricity costs from your utility company, because you will be producing your own electricity from the sun for free! Silicon Solar’s Residentaial Grid-Tie Solar Kits wih Battery Backup are specially designed and sized to meet your exact electricity needs. You can start saving on monthly electric bills and even increase your property value.
A grid-tie solar system with battery backup gives you the best of both worlds. Because your system is “grid-tied” (connected to your utility grid), you can choose to install a solar system large enough to satisfy all your electricity needs, or a smaller system that supplies a fraction of your needs. Determining the size of the system you wish to install on your home may depend on how much money you are willing to spend initially or how much you wish to save on energy bills. Being grid-tied also means you can actually make money by selling back excess produced solar energy from your system (if it is large enough) to your utility company through a process called net metering or feed-in tariffs.
However, the benefit of having a battery backup in addition to just a grid-tie system is to have a secondary bank of energy available in cloudy weather or even severe weather situations where the electric grid is down and causes a blackout. In other words, in the case of a blackout or natural disaster, you can feel at ease with your electricity storage to provide heating/cooling, cooking, and light.
Included in the Grid-Tied Battery Backup system are high-efficiency solar panels, a charge controller, high-capacity battery backup bank, professional-grade DC-AC inverter, and pre-cut wiring and combiners. These high efficiency panels will work in any location. A charge controller will avoid overcharging-related damage to the battery backup by shutting down once the batteries are fully charged. The DC-Ac inverter transforms the Direct Current (DC) power collected in the solar cells it usable, outlet-ready Aleternating Current (AC) power.
Other components include solar panel mounting hardware, pre-cut wiring runs, solar wiring combiner box, battery storage box, on-location & remote (online) monitoring system, lightning arrestors, breakers and other electrical components
Silicon Solar provides a 30 year power guarantee and 10 year component warranty on the TruPower solar panels. We offer the longest power guarantee in the industry to ensure long-life power generating systems and a respectable return on investment.

Installation of the system is made very simple with our solar photovoltaic(PV) module systems with installation manual provided. All components necessary are included in our grid tie kit with battery backup. Silicon Solar can also provide technical assistance for installation. Our PV specialists are available during weekdays through (1-800-786-0329) or visit http://www.siliconsolar.com/grid-tie-solar-systems-with-battery-backup.html for more information on our grid-tie kits with battery backup.