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Silicon Solar Cabin Solar Kits Take You Off the Grid, Save You Money, and Make You Eco-Friendly!

Ready to go green with your cabin? Installing a solar system to power your cabins, cottages, remote homes, and hunting lodges, etc. will keep your remote space eco-friendly and save you more than a couple bucks. The Cabin Solar Kits from Siliconsolar is designed to completely kick the electrical grid system out of the door and out of your wallet. These solar kits are tailored to meet your exact energy needs in order to take your cabin off the grid, become energy independent and nature friendly.

Off-grid cabin kits are able to deliver all of your power that is required to run the appliances in your get away cabin. With battery backup included, these power systems ensure your comfort; keep your cabin cozy and warm even at nighttime.

This off grid system can bring light to your cabin no matter where you are on the globe. Remote areas where power lines are inaccessible is not a problem at all. Installing solar systems will guarantee savings. Silicon Solar is more than willing to offer consulting and guidance on your expected rates of returns and an estimated payback period for your solar investment.

Complete list of components included in these kits are high-efficiency solar panels, a DC-AC inverter, solar panel mounting hardware, pre-cut wiring runs, solar wiring combiner box, breakers, and a battery storage.  Highly efficient TruPower Solar Panels allow for maximum conversion of the sun’s energy into usable electricity.  The DC-AC inverter will convert the Direct Current (DC) power from the sun to AC power that can be accessed directly out of your electric outlets.
These cabin solar systems feature efficient TruPower solar panels with 30 years power guarantee and 10 years component warranty. Silicon Solar offer the longest power guarantee in the industry to assure long-life power generating systems and a guaranteed return on investment.

Installation of the system is made very simple with our solar photovoltaic(PV) module systems with installation manual provided. All components necessary are included in our cabin kit. Silicon Solar can also provide technical assistance for installation, free of charge. Our PV specialists are available during weekdays through (1-800-786-0329) or visit http://www.siliconsolar.com/cabin-solar-kits.html for more information on our cabin kits.