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Upgrade your area and pathway lighting system today! Go green with the PathLight Solar Street Lights today!

Go smart as Silicon Solar provides a series of solar lighting system with intefrity and substance, the PathLight Solar Street Lights.

Street lighting is always one of the most energy comsuming lighting system nowadays. Cities, governments, businesses spend millions and billions of dollars on the energy to support lighting. Go smart & green today, solar powered lighting systems can save you a lot of money because solar powered lighting systems are 100% solar powered. You will not need to pay the electric company for electricity.

The Silicon Solar’s PathLight Solar street lights are a combination of latest technology of solar energy and lighting system. The light is a combined unit including high efficent solar panel, super bright LED, motion sensor, charge controller, and battery.

The PathLight Solar Street Lights is extremely easy to setup. The plug-and-play design make it easy to install. You only need to mount the unit on the pole and you are go to go, since all the parts are combined into one unit/fixture, you will not have to deal with the placement of different parts and the length of the wires.

The PathLight solar street lights only take 8 hours to get fully charged, and it can last for 20 hours under energy saving mode. And 10 hours under full power mode. The light usually work from dust to dawn and under energy saving mode, when the motion sensor senses movement, it will operate under full power mode until there is no motion sense in the range.

Don’t hesitate! Get a 100% solar powered street light and save money and environment at the same time! Visit: http://www.siliconsolar.com/solar-street-parking-lot-lights.html or call 800-786-0329 for more information.