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Solar Well Pumps

When selecting a solar well pump, it is recommended that you selct reliability over efficiency because water is so important to everyday life that the most reliable pump is the best choice.

Why Choose A HydroJet Solar Well Pump?

  • Save hundreds of dollars a year powering your well pump with free energy from the sun
  • Industry-leading warranty gives you peace-of-mind and guaranteed performance
  • Professional installation services available to guarantee the lowest cost and best performance
  • Take advantage of federal, state and local incentives to save even more money

HydroJet Solar Well Pumps

Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Solar Well Pump

If you live in a rural location and need a reliable way to pump water from your well to your home, a solar well pump is likely the most cost-effective solution for you. Developments in both pump and solar technology have made it possible for solar powered well pumps to be extremely efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

There are a number of reasons to invest in a solar well pump, including:

1. Pump Water Anywhere – No External Power Required

The problem with water pumping in many rural locations is that reliable electricity is not always available, or is cost-prohibitive to bring in. Solar power eliminates this worry. And a solar powered well pump gives you access to a reliably powered well pump without the cost of bringing in an electrical connection or paying a monthly electric bill.

2. Solar Well Pumps Are More Powerful & Efficient Than Ever Before

In the past, pump technology and solar technology were behind the times – they were inefficient, unreliable and not necessarily the best choice for critical functions like well pumping. However, technological advancements in recent years have made solar well pumping one of the efficient, cost-effective and reliable sources of water available today.

3. Systems Are Low Cost & Readily Available

When you look at the cost of monthly electric use, grid electric connections, wire trenching and more, the cost of a standalone solar powered well pump is very low. In energy savings alone, a HydroJet solar well pump can completely pay for itself in just a few years. Plus, when you take into account federal, state and local solar incentives that may be available in your area, the savings can be even greater (up to 50% higher).

4. No Monthly Operating Costs

Let’s face it, we are all tired of sending more and more money to the electric utility every month. A solar powered well pump can stop a little bit of that for you. Because each HydroJet solar well pump system is 100% powered by the sun, it is completely free to operate. That means you’ll never send the electric company 1 red cent to pay for your well pumping power – isn’t that a great feeling?

5. Solar Is Cheaper Than Bringing Power To A Remote Location

If your well is in a secluded location where the regular electric grid isn’t close by, it cost a small fortune (or not so small) to get the electric company to run power out there for you. Plus, you will then have the connection fees and monthly usage costs for running your well pump to pay. With a solar well pump, you don’t have to worry about any of that. The power for a HydroJet solar well pump comes directly from the included solar panels – this is a huge savings right off the bat when you choose a solar well pump.

6. Federal, State & Local Incentives / Rebates

Currently, there is a 30% federal tax credit for the purchase of solar powered systems, including well pumps. Additionally, many states and townships have additional tax credits, rebates and incentives available to help offset the cost of a new solar powered well pump even further. In some cases, you can save as much as 50% of the system in just incentives.

7. Systems Are Modular & Can Be Upgraded Over Time

Solar well pumps are simple to upgrade. If you need more power, you can add in more solar panels. If you need a longer backup for cloudy weather or shortened winter days, you can add in more battery storage. Need more water as your family grows? You can upgrade your pump, solar panels and batteries independent of each other to ensure that your solar well pump meets your specific needs…even as they change and grow over the years.

8. Solar Well Pumps Require Little Lifetime Maintenance

A HydroJet solar well pump has very few mechanical components – and those it does have require little maintenance at all. Solar panels are incredibly reliable and require only a quick cleaning every year or two. Brushless pumps also require little or no maintenance to operate at full capacity for years. In reality, your solar well pumps should provide tens of thousands of water before any maintenance is needed.

9. Overall Maintenance Are Very Low Cost

The maintenance costs for a solar well pump are neglible. Every year of two you should clean off the solar panels with some soap and water. Plus, there are small pieces in the pump which can degrade over time. It is best to check / replace them every 5 years or so. These parts only cost about 20 dollars and you can do the replacement right in the field.

10. DIY Installation Is Possible In A Single Weekend

The setup of a solar powered well pump and all of its connections are simple enough that an experienced do-it-yourself home handyman can complete the task in little or no time. However, we strongly recommend that a professional be hired to do the installation, or atleast consulted about the installation process to eliminate injury or property damage from incorrectly installed systems.

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How Does A Solar Well Pump Work?

As you can see from the diagram below, the setup and operation of a solar well pump system is fairly straight forward.

  • Solar panels supply power directly to the well pump or to a battery that the pump draws power from
  • The submersible or surface pump draws water up out of your well
  • The water is stored in your storage tank of choice for use when it is needed

Anatomy of a Solar Well Pump

How Much Can You Save With A Solar Well Pump?

  • Well Pump Volts x Well Pump Amps = Pool Pump Watts
  • Divide Watts by 1000 = KWH
  • KWH x hours per day (run time) = HWH / day
  • KWH per day x number of days in billing cycle = KWH/Month
  • $/KWH x KWH/Month = monthly savings with HydroJet
  • Monthly savings x 12 = Annual savings with HydroJet

Example Savings With A HydroJet Solar Well Pump:

  • 230 volts x 9.3 = 2139 watts
  • 2139 / 1000 = 2.139 KWH
  • 2.139 x 10 hours = 21.39
  • 21.39 x 30 days = 641.7 KWH/month
  • 641.7 x .129 cents per KWH = $82.78
  • $82.78 X 12 months = $993.35

Please note that your savings will vary depending on your cost for electricity, your well pump model / size and how long you run your well pump every day.

HydroJet Solar Well Pumps

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