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Solar Flag Lights

Solar Flag Lighting Kits

Not sure what to buy? Let our specialized landscape team take your ideas and make suggestions to make it a solar masterpiece combining elegant beauty and brilliant shine where never shined before.
Fax a sketch, electronic file, or even mail and send photos. Remember our staff is always here to discuss solar lighting and landscape design with you.

Here’s what you need to give us:

  • Give ideas on what you want done for your landscape
  • Let us know what specifications you need to run your current lights…

And we will size a solar panel and battery storage system for you to integrate into your current lighting system.

Solar Spot Lights

Our selection of Solar Spot Lights offers solar Spot lighting solutions to accommodate all tastes and budgets. If you have small signs or favorite landscape features you would like to light up, then
you will find just what you need to do that in this subcategory. If you are looking for solar spot lights which blend into your existing landscape, in order to ensure that all focus is on what you
are lighting up rather than the light itself, we offer a selection of Solar Rock Spot Lights, in various finishes, which will serve that purpose nicely. We also offer a Sea Breeze Solar Spot light,
in the shape of a conch shell, which is perfect for applications on or around a beach.

Solar Flag Lights

If you want to illuminate a flag during the nights without adding to your electricity bill, then our selection of Solar Flag Lights is the way to go. These Lights are already enjoyed at many private
residences and many commercial locations. Our Solar Flag Light Customers even include The US Army, The US Navy, and the US Air Force. Our Solar Flag Lights include Solar Sign Lighting, the GenLight
Plus Solar Sign and Flood Light, and the Commercial Solar Sign Light.

If you are interested in learning more about our Solar Spot & Flag Lights, you can check them out here:
Solar Flag Lights | Solar Spot Lights, or call us today at: 1.800.786.0329!

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