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If you need assistance finding the right solar sign light for your needs and budgets, please contact one of our solar lighting specialists to assist you.

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Medium Sized Signs For Medium Sized Signs (Up To 8' x 15')

The ideal solution for standard commercial & municipal signs from 5' to 15' wide

How To Choose GenLight Medium Solar Sign Lights

Choose The Right GenLight For Your Size Sign

Sign Size (ft) # of Sides Recommended Model
2’x 4′ Internally Lit GenLight-In-LEDStrip-150
4′ x 8′ 1 Sided PatioPal-28LED
10′ x 14′ 1 Sided Genlight-12v-2X-V1
10′ x 14′ 2 Sided GenLight-4X
How To Choose The Right Solar Solution
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Real Estate Signs For Small Signs & Real Estate Signs

Perfect for real estate signs and other small signage upto 4-5' wide

Solar Real Estate & Small Sign Lights
New SunPal 2x Solar Real Estate Light

New SunPal 2x Solar Real Estate Light

Sku: SunPal-Large-20LED

You Pay: $ 64.95

2LED Solar Real Estate Sign Light

2LED Solar Real Estate Sign Light

Sku: SunPal-Small-2LED

You Pay: $ 15.95

View All EnviroLight Solar Billboard Lights

Billboards Lighting For Billboards & Large Outdoor Advertising Signs

High-efficiency lighting and easy-to-install solar lighting for billboards and large signs of all sizes

How To Choose EnviroLight Solar Billboard Lights

Choose The Right EnviroLight For Your Billboard

Sheet Count Max Sign Size (ft) # of Sides Recommended Model
4 / 6 / 12 12′ x 12′ 2 Sides Envirolight-2X-High-v2
16 / 32 / 48 12′ x 22′ 2 Sides Envirolight-4X-High-v2
64 / 96 14′ x 48′ 2 Sides Envirolight-6X-High-v2
64 / 96 14′ x 48′ 2 Sides Envirolight-8X-High-v2
How To Choose The Right Solar Solution

Why Should You Choose EnviroLight Solar Billboard Lights For Your Next Billboard Lighting Project? Here Are Just A Few Reasons:

  • Best value of all solar billboard lighting options
  • Industry-leading warranties on all EnviroLight systems
  • Unmatched technical support & service
  • Certified & UL/cUL Listed components & designs
Get Additional Information Solar Billboard Light Warranties

How Solar Sign Lights From Silicon Solar Work

Considerations When Selecting Your Solar Sign Light

We have a number of solar sign lights – with models carefully designed to meet the needs of nearly every sign lighting application and budget

  • What size sign / area are you trying to illuminate?: Our solar sign lights are rated to provide you with an approximate area they will illuminate.
  • What color light do you want (white, amber, colored?): All lights have a specific color spectrum, be sure to select the right one for your project
  • Do you have a location to install the solar panel? Depending on your location we offer different lighting solutions with solar panels which can be mounted with the lighting fixture or remotely positioned.
  • Call and speak with one of our technicians! We have sold over 10,000 units of solar sign lights. Let our experts help determine which light is suitable for your application.

Case Study: Trader Joe's Custom Solar Sign Lighting

A Customized EnviroLight Solar Sign Lighting System Used To Light The Trader Joes In Huntington Beach, CA

Trader Joes Solar Sign Light

The Trader Joe’s at the Huntington Harbour Mall in Huntington, CA needed a new sign lighting system after a major power failure. After looking for a traditional electrical solution (finding price tags between $13,000 – $14,000), D.D. Dunlap Companies, the owner of the property, settled on a solar sign lighting system from Silicon Solar.

With a total price tag (including installation) of under $ 4,500, the new solar lighting system consists of a modified EnviroLight 2X solar sign lighting system and genX LED strip lights.

Because of their green image, Trader Joe’s is extremely with the choice to go with a solar sign lighting solution.

Financial Details
Solar Materials Cost $ 3610
Installation Cost $ 500
Total Project Cost $ 4110
Federal Incentives $ 0
State / Local Incentives $ 0
Calculated Payback 2 Years

Case Study: Town Of Sidney Solar Sign Lighting

A GenLight 108LED Used To Light The Entrance Sign To Silicon Solar Birthplace, Sidney, NY

Village Of Sidney Solar Sign Light

The town of Sidney, NY is the birthplace of Silicon Solar. Therefore, Silicon Solar founders Adam Farrell and Matt Farrell have donated a third generation GenLight 108LED solar sign light to the town for their town entrance sign. The entrance sign previously had a traditional electric lighting system installed, which costs the town roughly $217.56 a year in electric use charges. Now with the new GenLight 108 LED on their entrance sign they will save $2175.60 in electric costs (this is a net return of $1456.63 after the cost of the GenLight).

Financial Details
Solar Materials Cost $ 719
Total Project Cost $ 4110
Federal Incentives $ 0
State / Local Incentives $ 0
Est. 1 Year Savings $ 218
Est. 5 Year Savings $ 1090
Calculated Payback 3.3 Years

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