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Solar Landscape Lights

View All Solar Flood Lights

Solar Flood Lights Light Areas, Signs And More

Solar Flood Lights utilize our energy from our solar panel modules and convert the energy into bright LED output or HID lighting

View All Solar Spot Lights

Solar Spot Lights Highlight Signs, Fountains, Prize Landscape Features & More

Solar Spot Lights by Silicon Solar range from a large selection of spot lights both large and small...and everywhere in between

View All Motion Sensor Solar Security Lights

Solar Security Lights Provide Safety & Security At Home Or The Office

Our bright and reliable lights features a motion detector that will trigger the light upon any motion near its radius

View All Solar Deck & Step Lights

Solar Deck & Step Lights Elimate Trips & Falls On Your Walkways

Solar lighting to the highest level of satisfaction due to their strong construction, high output, and minimal distraction to neighbors

Solar Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Light

Solar Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Light

Sku: PatioPal-SM-StainlessSteel-A

You Pay: $ 17.95

Solar Step Lights – 4 pcs.

Solar Step Lights – 4 pcs.

Sku: PatioPal-StepLight-Post

You Pay: $ 49.94

View All Solar Flag Lights

Solar Flag Lights Great For Flags Of All Shapes & Sizes

Perfect for a variety of solar lighting applications, such as solar flag lighting, as well as solar sign lighting and solar flood & spot lighting

Our solar flag lights have a customer favorite for years! You no longer need high voltage, high cost lighting systems with buried wires, replacement light bulbs and professional installers! All you need is a solar flag light from Silicon Solar. Whether you need to light a 20 flag pole, or a small 3ft flag in the doorway, we have the solar flag light that is right for you. And, each solar flag light is built with a tough, weather resistant body, high-output LEDs and a high performance, high efficiency solar panel so that it provides years of powerful, cost-effective flag lighting.

Our solar flag lights:

  • light up your flag all night
  • never ever need power cords
  • allow you to have your flag wherever you want, and still have easy access to lighting
  • are bestsellers across the United States and around the world
View All Solar Address Lights

Solar Address Lights Let Friends & Family Find Your Home Beautifully

Ideal for any home, business, rental property, or more that needs its address visible day and night

Solar Address Light Kit Red

Solar Address Light Kit Red

Sku: PatioPal-SM-Address-Red

You Pay: $ 8.00

Solar Address Light Kit

Solar Address Light Kit

Sku: PatioPal-SM-Address-Blue

You Pay: $ 5.95

View All Specialty Solar Lights

Ornaments & Specialty Lights Ornate Statues & Special Purpose Lights

The perfect decorative addition to any garden or landscape in need of some sprucing up

View All Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas Lights Beautiful LED Solar Christmas Lights

Some of our favorite solar specialty lighting products made making the bright, long lasting, and unique

Solar Holiday Net Lights

Solar Holiday Net Lights

Sku: PatioPal-GS-Holiday-Net

You Pay: $ 13.95

Solar Icicle Holiday Lights

Solar Icicle Holiday Lights

Sku: PatioPal-GS-Holiday-Icicle

You Pay: $ 13.95

30 LED Multi-Colored Solar Holiday Lights

30 LED Multi-Colored Solar Holiday Lights

Sku: PatioPal-GS-Holiday-30LED-Colored

You Pay: $ 7.95

102 LED White Solar Holiday Christmas Lights (Alternating)

102 LED White Solar Holiday Christmas Lights (Alternating)

Sku: PatioPal-GS-Holiday-102LED-White

You Pay: $ 29.95

View All Floating Solar Lights

Floating Solar Lights High-Quality Lighting For Your Water Features

Floating Solar Lights from Silicon Solar are a great way to spice up your pool, pond or other landscape water features



Sku: PatioPal-F-AquaBright

You Pay: $ 6.95

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