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Farmers Save Money Today – Solar Electric Fence Chargers

Farmers typically have hundreds of acres (sometimes thousands) of electrical fences to keep their livestock in and wild animals and trespassers out. Providing power to these electric fences can be expensive, as they are needed to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the rising costs of electricity, this expense can put a heavier burden on farmers than ever before. Solar Energy has the answer to this problem – Solar Electric Fence Chargers.

These great, unique products include a solar panel for turning sunlight into useable electricity, a compact body for easy transportation and installation, and a build in battery to store energy to be used after the sun goes down and during weather.

By converting your electric fences to solar energy, you lower your electrical needs, use, and therefore your electric bill every month, all year. This is a great opportunity for many farmers across the country to lower their bills and become more profitable using free solar energy.

Installing a Solar Electric Fence Charger is very easy. The Solar Panel and Battery are all contained in one single unit that is mounted directly to a fence post anywhere on your farm. There are positive and negative connections from the battery that stick out the front of the charger. After you mount the unit, all you need to do is to hook the wire around the positive and negative connectors to complete the circuit and make the Electric Fence active and ready to go.

If you think a Solar Electric Fence Charger is the perfect solution for your farm, you can find it at, along with hundreds of other great solar products. Silicon Solar also has a number of other great solar solutions for farmers at their website including Solar Hot Water Heaters, Complete Solar Systems (both Grid-Tie Solar Systems and Off-Grid Solar Systems), and wind generators to use in remote locations for powering pumps, equipment, and even your household power needs.

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