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Solar Battery Chargers In Canada

Solar Battery Chargers in Canada: Solar Battery Chargers from Silicon Solar include 12 and 6 volt Battery Chargers, Travel Solar Battery Chargers, Automotive Solar Chargers, Marine Solar Panels, RV Solar Panel Kits, Mobile Device Battery Chargers and Rechargeable Batteries. These Solar Battery Chargers are custom designed for many different devices by our experienced engineering and design staff. Some of the devices these chargers can provide power for are radio receivers, radio modems, PDAs, iPods and much more. Since these charges operate using the power of the sun, they are harmless to the environment and cost you nothing to operate. You are sure to find just the product to meet your needs.

12 & 6 Volt Battery Chargers:

12 & 6 Volt Batter Chargers are light, durable, weather resistant, versatile and easy to install and operate. We offer this type of charger in a number of different wattages and with a variety of solar panels to suit the particular application. The structure of these chargers allows them to be lightweight, and with convenient folding options these chargers are great for portable applications, such as camping and hiking.

Travel Solar Battery Chargers:

Travel Solar battery chargers are a perfect solution when your on the go and in remote locations. We offer solar battery chargers capable of charging AA, AAA, C, and D rechargeable batteries. We also offer a selection of flexible solar battery chargers which are even more portable.

Automotive Solar Chargers:

Here at Silicon Solar we have several years of experience with custom designed battery chargers. We offer, at wholesale prices, the highest quality solar powered battery chargers available. Our line of Automotive Solar Chargers are among these. Some of these chargers include solar battery maintainers, solar car ventilators, automotive solar battery chargers, and thin film solar panels.

Marine Solar Panels:

Our selection of Marine Solar Panels include are flexible solar battery charger which can be used for RV’s, sail boats, speed boats, or any other 12 volt battery source. These Marine Solar Panels fare weatherproof and easy to install and maintain. These chargers help maintain your battery and protect against discharge over time.

RV Solar Panels:

RV solar panels allow you to help make your RV travels more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly. These panels work great for camping kits, RV back up power, trickle charging, and remote stationary uses. Our RV Maxx kits are capable of proving some, most, or all, the the energy for your RV light and appliances.

Mobile Device Battery Chargers:

Our Mobile Device Solar Battery Chargers includes innovative solar products which allow you to keep your PDA, iPod, iphone, or almost any other low voltage battery device fully charged, even when you are far from electricity or are on the go. These chargers consist of two shatterproof solar panels which are capable of charging your mobile device battery chargers within 1-3 hours.

Rechargeable Batteries:

We offer Rechargeable batteries in packs of four. These will help you to bring the power you require with you wherever you need to go. The new high output Nickel Metal Hidryde batteries allowing for optimal performance.

Why Shop With Us

Why Shop With Silicon Solar

Silicon Solar is, and always will be, a family owned and operated solar company dedicated to providing the highest quality solar powered products which have completed our rigorous quality inspection. We also manufacture a full line of solar powered products right here in our production facility; enabling us offer faster delivery and priority technical support.

Search our online catalog for hundreds of solar lights, solar fountains and many other products, including solar cells and solar panels. We also manufacture custom solar kits upon request for professors and educational programs.

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