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Many people don’t know that Silicon Solar has a 99.8% customer satisfaction rating.  We have dedicated years to creating a powerful system that ensures our customers get the very best solar
energy products at the very best prices…and deliver industry-leading customer service and technical support.

Many people don’t know that Silicon Solar has a 99.8% customer satisfaction rating.  We have dedicated years to creating a powerful system that ensures our customers get the very best solar
energy products at the very best prices…and deliver industry-leading customer service and technical support.

Silicon Solar Has A 99.8% Customer Satisfaction Rating!

You may not be aware of this…but Silicon Solar has a 99.8% customer satisfaction rating! Over the years, we have helped tens-of-thousands of home and business owners across the United States,

and around the world, meet their solar energy needs and desires with the price, service and support that they demand.

We have worked with large corporations and small businesses…home owners just like you as well as grade schools, colleges and other institutes of higher learning to utilize the industry’s
leading solar energy products and the latest solar technology to help them slash energy bills and be more green and energy efficient along the way. And, more than 99% of these
customers…tens-of-thousands…have found solar energy to be exactly what we call it…the best opportunity to save money and do something good for the environment without sacrificing performance
and the comforts of modern life.


What Are Our Satisfied Customers Saying Right Now?

Matthew Gaylord – Cordova, IL

Product: Solar Cells By The Watt | Rating: 4/5

Silicon Solar has a great site for pricing out and buying PV cells. They have fair prices, a good selection, and fast shipping with great packaging. I bought cell pieces to learn how to assemble a
PV array, and will most likely buy the full cells from Silicon Solar for my next project.

Tammy Crutchfield – Topsham, ME

Product: 6V Small Solar Pump

Works excellent!!!!! Am very happy with it!!!

Frank Sicilia – Bronx, NY

Product: PowerFilm Flexible 12V4A Solar Panel | Rating: 5/5

I have only used the products for 1 day, but thus far I am very satisfied with both the flex panel 20 watt and the charge controller. In bright sunlight with the hung from the jib lanyard on my
sailboat, I read 20 volts with no load on the panel with a multimeter. Connected system to a 12 volt 80 amp marine battery reading 10.5 volts. The battery was fully charged to 14.5 volts in less than
two hours. Impressed.

Great company whose products deliver as advertised. High quality solar – the workmanship and attention to detail definitely shows.

Ariel Jones – Chatham, NY

Product: Solar Training Workshop | Rating: 5/5

I intend to do business with Silicon Solar in the future. I am completely pleased.

Gene Hemby – Wilmington, NC

Product: Solar Pump | Rating: 4/5

Silicon Solar was very easy to work with. The sales reps. were very knowledgeable about the products. Would highly recommend and will order with again.

Jonathan Krause – Euless, TX

Product: Cells By The Watt | Rating: 5/5

Product: 6000mA Commercial Cell | Rating 5/5

Good prices, fast shipping, what else do you need? If you need something solar, get it from here.

Frequent Customer Complaints & How We\’ve Fixed Them!

Junky Products That Never Work, Or Stop Working Shortly After Purchase:

It is our goal to provide our customers with the most complete selection of top-quality solar products on the market. Sometimes, in our desire to launch certain new products, we choose a product that
may have design flaws that keep it from operating correctly under certain conditions. Becuase of this, and because we take the feedback of our customers very seriously, we are constantly evaluating
our product lines, identifying products with high rates of problems & returns, and replacing them with products that operate better. In the last year, we have identified, and removed, more than
50 products that had a history of high customer complaints…and we will continue to do so in the future!

Products Are Out Of Stock With Long Wait Times:

Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult realities of the solar industry. Becuase of the specialized nature of these products, the growing desire for solar products, and the fact that more
than 80% of all solar products sold in the United States are manufactured overseas, if a product goes out of stock, it can take a good chunk of time to get that product restocked. However, we make
every effort to ensure that all of our products are in stock, or that a replenishment order is automatically submitted on low-stock items. In fact, over the last year, we have cut down the average
wait time for our most popular products dramatically, by ensuring a full stock, and cyclical production schedule for replenishment.

Can\’t Get Ahold Of Anyone For Customer Service / Sales:

Becuase of high order volumes, and many requests for technical assistance because of the difficult nature of working with solar products, there are times when it is difficult to have a representative
available at every second of the day. Knowing that this has been an issue in the past, and may continue to be an issue into the future, we have taken extraordinary measures to ensure that each and
every customer has multiple avenues of contacting our customer service, sales and technical support departments. You can contact us by phone (M-F 8am to 5pm), via email / website contact forms, by
submitting a support ticket, and we also recommend that customers post any questions or comments that they may have on our Facebook page as another way to get in touch directly with our team.

Here\’s A Few More Words From Customers Just Like You…

Helen Miller – PA

Product: AquaJet Cascading Solar Fountain | Rating: 5/5

The order was filled quickly and arrived promptly, even before the amount of shipping time quoted. I would definitely order again and I will recommend your company to anyone who wishes to order

Darlene O\’Brien – Lafayette, IN

Product: Dual Cascading Solar Fountain

I called customer service after I received the product because it didn\’t have a battery pack and the panel alone would not push the water up the tube. I spoke with Diane and she was very kind and
friendly and shipped a battery pack out immediately without question.

It was great…the best and fastest service I have ever received online!!!

Andrew Wilding – Phoenix, AZ

Product: 6V Flexible Solar Cell | Rating: 5/5

Product: 4V Flexible Solar Cell | Rating: 5/5

Excellent selection of products, great service, quick delivery.

Carina Valdez – Niceville, FL

Product: Solar Pump Kit | Rating: 4/5

Superb ordering service. Ordered it on Monday and voila! same week, got my much-awaited solar pump kit. Highly recommended!

At first I was hesitant to order the said product because it looked complicated. But when the item arrived and read the \”easy to follow\” instructions, I was really amazed and thrilled. I\’ve
ordered this to replace a pump from an electric fountain–w/c has been sitting in the yard. Now, I\’m contemplating on doing/building another fountain project and planning on purchasing another one
from siliconsolar company.

I\’m looking forward to ordering another solar kits from the same company. Thank You.

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Why Shop With Us

Why Shop With Silicon Solar

Silicon Solar is, and always will be, a family owned and operated solar company dedicated to providing the highest quality solar powered products which have completed our rigorous quality inspection. We also manufacture a full line of solar powered products right here in our production facility; enabling us offer faster delivery and priority technical support.

Search our online catalog for hundreds of solar lights, solar fountains and many other products, including solar cells and solar panels. We also manufacture custom solar kits upon request for professors and educational programs.

Call us today for your solar request, 1.800.786.0329

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