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Sidney NY Town Sign GenLight System

The town of Sidney, NY is the birthplace of Silicon Solar. Therefore, Silicon Solar founders Adam Farrell and Matt Farrell have donated a third generation GenLight 108LED solar sign light to the town for their town entrance sign. The entrance sign previously had a traditional electric lighting system installed, which costs the town roughly $217.56 a year in electric use charges. Now with the new GenLight 108 LED on their entrance sign they will save $2175.60 in electric costs (this is a net return of $1456.63 after the cost of the GenLight).

Silicon Solar CEO Adam Farrell, says, “Silicon Solar is proud to have helped the Town of Sidney build towards a sustainable future by installing the GenLight 108. Just by running some quick numbers, the town is expected to earn back what they spent on this installation in 3 years. They save the tax payers another rough 1300.00 in 10 years for one sign, one sign! If a town chooses to use standard electrical lighting when there are more economical and eco-friendly options out there, they are a severe disservice to their residents. Politics aside, it is nice to see elected leaders embracing green technology to save taxpayers money in today’s tight economy”.