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What products will I need for my solar system?
Each solar system is unique in application and needs specific products to ensure efficient installation and use.

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  1. 1/4 Bond Seal Washer
  2. Socket Head Cap screw M8x14
  3. Socket Head Cap Screw M8x22
  4. Washer ConnectMaxx-TPPSU2-CONNECTBASE
  5. Flange Lock Nut A2 DIN 6923 M8
  6. Sliding Block 13x10mm
  7. M8X16MM-SSCS
  8. M8X25MM-SSCS
  9. Socket Head Cap screw M8x22
  10. M8X18MM-SSCS
  11. Simpson Strong drive screw 1/4×4.5 in
  12. Push Button Toggle Switch
  13. Alligator clamps for marine panels
  14. Battery clamps for marine panels
  15. AA Ni-Cd Solar Powered Batteries
  16. Simpson Strong drive screw 1/4×4.5 in
  17. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 6V 1.3AH
  18. Standard Roof Mount Flashing Aluminum
  19. 6V 4.5Ah Universal Replacement Battery
  20. ConnectMaxx TRUV Universal L-Base
  21. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 6V 3.4AH
  22. ConnectMaxx TR4X Angle Adapter
  23. 3/4 to 12 mm Solder Adapters
  24. ConnectMaxx-TRail-ConnectionSet
  25. Sealed Lead Acid Battery 4v 4.5Ah
  26. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries- 12v 1.3AH
  27. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 6V 7AH
  28. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 6V 8.5AH
  29. Genlight 108v2 Circuit Board
  30. Shingle Roof Mounting Kit
  31. ConnectMaxx-FS-TBackplate
  32. TiNox Solar Absorber Aluminum 4MM Educational Sample
  33. TiNox Solar Absorber Copper 2MM Educational Sample
  34. ConnectMaxx-Metal Roof Clamp- S5
  35. ConnectMaxx 4-Slotted Rail 5FT
  36. SmartMaxx-ControlFuses-4A-5PK
  37. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 12v 2.3Ah
  38. Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 5AH
  39. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 6V 12AH
  40. ConnectMaxx 4-Slotted Rail 7FT
  41. 12V 2.3Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Solar
  42. Extruded Aluminum L-Section 5 ft
  43. Goal Zero Switch 8 Recharger
  44. Rail Connecting Set for combining rails
  45. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 12V 8.0AH
  46. Replacement Battery for Genlight 108 LEDs
  47. ConnectMaxx 4-Slotted Rail 10FT
  48. Tinox Aluminum 0.3mm gauge absorber – 1m x 1.25m Roll
  49. ConnectMaxx Hardware Spare Kit
  50. ThermRail TP XMount Set – Shingle Mounting
  51. T-Profile Rail 2034 mm
  52. AU Flush Mount Hardware L-Bracket Style
  53. ConnectMaxx-AA3 Header Flange Adaptor
  54. Flush Mount Heavy Duty Hardware Gripper Style Kit
  55. ConnectMaxx-AA3-Header Flange Plug
  56. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries-12v 22 AH
  57. Tinox-CU-018G-125cm-1m
  58. ConnectMaxx-AA3-Hook Bracket Kit
  59. Replacement Li-Ion Battery For GenLight 120LED Solar Sign Lights
  60. SunMaxx Connection Set Universal
  61. VHP Universal Connection Set
  62. ConnectMaxx-AA3-Header Flange Kit
  63. Female Connect set for TitanPowerPlus Collectors
  64. Compression Connection Set for the TitanPower Plus Flat Plate Collectors
  65. Ballast Tray Assembly (Penetration free mounting)
  66. ConnectMaxx-TPPAU-36Tilt-Kit
  67. 12v 90Ah AGM Battery
  68. 12v 135Ah AGM Battery
  69. 12v 110Ah AGM Battery
  70. GridMaxx Crimping Tool 10 + 12 AWG
  71. GridMaxx Multi Contact Crimping Tool 10 + 12 AWG
  72. 12v 200Ah AGM battery
  73. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator
  74. 12v 250Ah AGM Battery
  75. DC Powered Solar Pump Station Assembly
Solar Product Components & Parts

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