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Grid Tie Solar Inverters

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What is a grid-tie inverter?
A grid-tie inverter (GTI), or grid-interactive inverter, is a power inverter used for converting (DC) direct current electricity from the PV panel into (AC) alternating current electricity for power use. The energy is then fed to an electrical grid. During times of over production the GTI sends remaining energy to the power grid. However, if the grid goes down the grid-tie inverter will disconnect from the grid during a blackout. The (NEC) national electrical code requires the installation of a grid-tie inverter to any on grid system.

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Grid Tie Solar Inverters

We carry a huge selection of Grid Tie Solar Inverters…perfect for any size grid tie solar power system. Our most popular grid tie solar inverter brands are SMA, Outback Solar and more.

Each of our grid tie solar inverters is designed to deliver maximum power and efficiency for years, helping your new solar power system achieve the highest possible return on investment and shortest solar system payback period.

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