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Featured Solar Cells by the Watt

Solar Cells by the Watt

Solar Cells By The Watt

How to Order? Simply enter the number of watts you would like in the quantity field above. Each watt corresponds to approximately 2.5″ x 2.5″....

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our great FAQs and Answers for our Solar Cells by the Watt below:

What is the photoelectric effect of solar cells?

The photoelectric effect is the scientific principle that makes solar power possible. The photoelectric effect is the principle referring to when electrons are released by photons making an electrical current, which is what makes it possible for the harvesting of electricity through the use of solar cells.

When was the first solar cell used?

The first solar cell was created by Charles Fritt in 1883, the first solar cell had a very low conversion rate, with a solar light to electricity rate of one percent. Which is understandable as it was the first solar cell in history to be created.

Where are our commercial and broken cells manufactured?

Our commercial and broken cells are manufactured overseas. Right now 80% of solar products are manufactured overseas, making it more difficult to acquire domestic products.

What is a photovoltaic cell?

Photovoltaic cells refers to the solar cells which are responsible for converting light into electricity.


1) What type of solar cells do I get when I purchase “cells by the watt?”

Our solar cells by the watt come from our damaged polycrystalline solar cells in production that are chipped broken in large pieces or have been used for testing experiments.  Each group of broken solar cells have been designed for experimentation in the solar realm before making the large investment in making large PV modules.

2) How large is a 1 watt solar cell?

Each watt is approximately equivalent to a 2.5 x 2.5 inch cell. We typically include an additional 10% of solar cells to compensate for variation in cell size.

3) Can broken scrap cells still produce electricity?

All of our scrap solar cells are completely functional.  While they are left over from the manufacturing process, the cells still maintain the same characteristics as whole cells, and thus they can still produce electric current when placed in sunlight.

4) What can I do with scrap solar cells?

Our cells by the watt are another great way to learn about solar photovoltaics, and to educate others about the world of solar cells and solar power.  You can also build your own solar panels at a cheaper cost by using scrap cells.  See our How-To content.

Category How-To Guides

Check out our great DIY and How-To Guides for our Solar Cells by the Watt below:

For additional basic instructions about how to make your own cheap solar panel with these broken cells (like the one in the photo below), click here.

How to Tab Solar Cells Together

How to Construct a Complete Solar Panel

Category Learning Guide

Check out our great Information & Learning Guides for our Solar Cells by the Watt below:

Our cells by the watt come from larger pieces of chipped and broken polycrystalline silicon cells, which are currently the most cost-effective and popular type of solar cell used in large photovoltaic panels and arrays.  Below is video explaining how a solar panel is assembled during the manufacturing process.  As the video mentions, sometimes cells break or have imperfections which is why Silicon Solar is able to offer you scrap cells at a great price!

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Solar Cells by the Watt

Scrap solar cells by the watt gives anyone the most economical and easiest approach towards purchasing your existing solar system. Each package of solar cells can provide a large enough array so that each solar cell performs a specific output required to make your new custom made solar module functional with the sun.

Silicon Solar strongly recommends purchase of our solar cells by the watt for anyone interested in making their first solar panel. Once solar panel and testing is completed and you are experienced with construction of a solar panel, we then recommend stepping to the next level and purchase our commercial grade solar cells.

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