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Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Scrap Solar Cells 1 lb

The Scrap Solar Cells 1 lb is currently out of stock. Silicon Solar strongly recommend the  Solar Cells By The Watt. 1lb of our scrap solar cells...


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the photoelectric effect of solar cells?

The photoelectric effect is the scientific principle that makes solar power possible. The photoelectric effect is the principle referring to when electrons are released by photons making an electrical current, which is what makes it possible for the harvesting of electricity through the use of solar cells.

When was the first solar cell used?

The first solar cell was created by Charles Fritt in 1883, the first solar cell had a very low conversion rate, with a solar light to electricity rate of one percent. Which is understandable as it was the first solar cell in history to be created.

Where are our commercial and broken cells manufactured?

Our commercial and broken cells are manufactured overseas. Right now 80% of solar products are manufactured overseas, making it more difficult to acquire domestic products.

What is a photovoltaic cell?

Photovoltaic cells refers to the solar cells which are responsible for converting light into electricity.


1) What is a solar cell?

A solar photovoltaic (PV) cell is an electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity. Solar cells are the building blocks of solar panels.  Multiple cells in an integrated group, oriented in one plane, constitute a solar PV panel, also known as a PV module.

2) Some cells on your website have specifically listed watt and volt outputs.  How do you know each cell’s voltage and wattage?

Each cell listed with a particular list output is laser-cut to exacting specifications for precision quality control and guaranteed performance.

3) What can I do with an individual solar cell?

Solar cells are great for DIY projects such as constructing your own panel with precise specifications, as well as for experimentation and educational purposes.  Silicon Solar also carries all of the meters, flux, tabbing, and soldering accessories you need to build your own solar powered creation!

Category How-To Guides

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Category Learning Guide

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Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Our photovoltaic solar cells enable solar enthusiasts, beginners and students to experiment solar cells and solar energy. Whether you are powering up a small fan or a RC race boat for a small competition, we have the photovoltaic solar cells that you need to get up and running.

Make Your Own Solar Panel

Some projects that have used our photovoltaic solar cells include:

Classroom solar car projects
College solar tour (race boat and car competition)
Custom / DIY solar panels
Full scale solar cell tabbing and module assembly
We carry solar commercial solar cells, which are great for top-priority solar projects, as well as educational, scrap and broken solar cells, which are more geared toward experimentation, testing and practice.

Watch below and learn how to build your own solar panels by interconnecting solar cells!

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