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Thin Film Solar Panels
15.4v 0.77W 50mA Flexible Solar Panel

15.4v 0.77W 50mA Flexible Solar Panel

Flexible Solar Panels 15.4v 50mA Our Flexible Solar Panels are highly efficient, portable, and versatile solar panels.  Whether your application is s...

36.95 $25.00

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15.4V 21W Foldable Flexible Solar Panel

15.4V 21W Foldable Flexible Solar Panel

SolMaxx FlexFold 15.4V 21W Flexible Solar Panel The Solmaxx FlexFold series flexible solar panels are made with a thin film of silicon crystals on a f...

1,053.75 $281.95

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our great FAQs and Answers for our Thin Film Solar Panels below:

How to determine the size of solar panel or flexible solar panel I need to get for a desired voltage?

The voltage will vary with the size of the solar panel. Remember Watts (W) = Volts (V) * Amps (A)

Where are our flexible solar panels manufactured?

Our flexible solar panels are manufactured domestically.  This means that they are made in the U.S.   The thin-film solar panels are also manufactured domestically.

Do we sell a flexible solar panel that will power a laptop computer?

Yes we do.  The SolMaxx FlexFold 20W Flexible PV Panel or the SolMaxx FlexFold 62W Flexible PV Panel are two of our products that will power a laptop computer.  The SolMaxx FlexFold 62W Flexible PV Panel will charge a computer more efficiently than the SolMaxx FlexFold 20W Flexible PV Panel.  The SolMaxx FlexFold 20W Flexible PV Panel will charge your laptop computer, but it will work more as a trickle charger, meaning it will take many more hours to charge your laptop especially depending on the weather conditions.

What is the efficiency of PowerFilm modules?

There are many factors that go into the how much power you are able to draw from your solar panels, and many are related to the design and orientation of your solar array. With that in mind, a safe average to assume with PowerFilm technology is 5%. Flexible panel technology, however, is still young compared to rigid panels, and as such is advancing all the time. There are widely varying standards within the industry for solar panel efficiency ratings and we encourage you to test different panels to find their actual power output.

What is the ideal operation temperature for the PowerFilm series?

The PowerFilm series is designed to operate in all atmospheric conditions, though the optimal operation temperature is around 75°F. Every panel gets less efficient as its temperature rises far above 80°F

Do PowerFilm solar panels need maintenance?

Solar Panels are very low maintenance in general. As long as you perform routine checks of the wiring to insure that it maintains its integrity, and wipe off the panel with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and grime that has built up on it, your panels should last a very long time.

1) What are the advantages of using flexible panels?

Compared to rigid, crystalline solar cells and panels, our flexible panels are tremendously lightweight and durable, which allows for greater portability.  In addition, flexible panels remain highly efficient in indirect sunlight because they are comprised of amorphous silicon.

2) For what types of use are flexible panels best suited?

Because flexible panels are light, durable, and operate well in indirect sunlight, you can take them with you everywhere!  With Silicon Solar’s flexible solar panel accessories, they can be used to charge virtually any battery operated device where ever you can find sunlight.  For example, you can charge your camera, cell phone, tablet, or laptop while on a camping trip.  Even the military uses flexible solar panel technology to power their equipment in the field! All of our 12 volt panels (typically 15.4 operating voltage) can also charge 12 volt gel or lead acid batteries.  NOTE: when charging any type of batteries with any type of solar panel, Silicon Solar strongly recommends using a charge controller to prevent damaging or destroying the battery you will be charging.  Silicon Solar offers a range of charge controllers specifically designed for its series of Flexible Solar Panels.  If you have any questions about a particular application for our flexible solar panels, please contact our customer service representatives at (800) 786-0329. Thin Film Solar Panels

Category How-To Guides

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Sample of a large flexible panel in use.  It’s that easy!!! Thin Film Solar Panels

Category Learning Guide

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Video: Flexible Solar Panels Being Made and Used by the Military Thin Film Solar Panels

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Thin Film Solar Panels

Our 12v Thin Film Solar Panels are great for portable and small-scale solar battery charging applications…especially when a light weight and compact size is needed for portability.

Our 12v flexible solar panels come with pre-installed solder tabs, which make connecting them for power generation quick and hassle-free.

These 12v flexible solar panels are great for a variety of small solar power projects, such as:

Portable solar battery chargers
Small portable solar lights
Solar training, education & experimentation
These flexible solar panels are ideal for backpacking and using small emergency devices such as cell phones, lighting equipment, and or emergency receivers with battery backup. The 12v solar panels also make great charging devices for rechargeable batteries.

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