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Solar Shelter Lights & Indoor Lights
GenLight Waterproof Indoor & Outdoor Solar 150W LED Strip

GenLight Waterproof Indoor & Outdoor Solar 150W LED Strip

The most flexible solar powered LED lighting system available today. The GenLight 150 LED Strip Lighting System is sealed in a durable, waterproof alu...

599.95 $500.00

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LED Solar Flood Light Kit 54 Ultra Bright LEDs

LED Solar Flood Light Kit 54 Ultra Bright LEDs

LED Solar Flood Light Kit Our GenLight 54 LED Commercial Solar Sign Light is our best-selling mid-range commercial solar lighting system ever. Now in...

475.95 $287.30

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our great FAQs and Answers for our Solar Shelter Lights & Indoor Lights below:

1)  Do all GenLight Series shelter lighting unit include mounting hardware?

The GenLight 54LED, 108LED, and LED strip include very basic mounting capabilities.  However, we carry other mounting options, such as the GenLight solar panel pole mount, if your application requires something other than our standard mounting equipment.

2) Is these products rate for outdoor use as well as in shelters and other isolated indoor areas?

Yes.  All GenLight products are entirely weatherproof and may be used outside in all weather conditions.

3) How long does the GenLight remain lit at night?

The GenLight 108LED model and the GenLight LED Strip will last the entire night regardless of location and weather.  While the GenLight 54LED has a slightly smaller battery bank, it will still last 6-10 hours each night.

4) How long and bright is the GenLight LED strip?

The LED strip is just under 20 inches in length, and its 15 High Powered SMD LEDs produces a strong power output at 150W equivalency or 675 Lumens making it suitable for almost any indoor or outdoor use.

Category How-To Guides

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For the Complete GenLight Installation Manual, Click Here

PLEASE NOTE: You must charge the battery in the “ON” position of the fixture and allow the GenLight 108 to charge in direct sunlight for 2-3 days before initial use. Make sure you switch the fixture to OFF each night and back to ON in the morning while charging the battery for the first time. This will allow the battery to fully charge and maximize the longevity of the battery.

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Check out our great Information & Learning Guides for our Solar Shelter Lights & Indoor Lights below:

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Silicon Solar’s completely off-grid shelter lighting offers essentially offers you an entire miniaturized off-grid solar system for the specific application of lighting.  Our comprehensive solar lighting systems allow you shed light in dark areas while avoiding the time and effort required to size and install a larger off-grid system.  As evidenced below, simply sizing and choosing the components for an off-grid system can require a lot of leg work.  If you only need lighting for an off-grid area, Silicon Solar has already done the work for you in creating our GenLight Series of Lights!

How to Select Your Own Off-Grid Solar System:

To begin, an off-grid solar PV system requires the proper sizing of a number of components in order to prevent damage to the system or the home on which it is installed.  Hence, most systems should be sized and wired by licensed solar professionals.  Installing your own off-grid PV solar system will involve properly sized electrical wiring to reduce the risk of electrical fire, a proper grounding system and proper battery installation and venting to prevent damage to the batteries, loss of battery life, and ever gas explosions, and a properly installed solar array to maximize performance without damaging the home or roof.  That said, the following steps should educate you about the very basics of solar off-grid systems and assist you with sizing the various components in the system and selecting the right products for your system.

1) Determine Your Daily Load Requirement:

List the electrical requirements of each device you plan to power with the PV system.  For example, a 12 watt Compact Fluorescent Bulb in operation for 5 hours per day will use 60 watts per day.  Calculate the average daily use of every light, refrigerator, television, fan, etc., and add them all up to find your average daily load requirement.

2) Determine the Size and Number of Panels Needed

PV panels are rated in watts.  Multiply the watt rating of the panel by the number of hours of direct sunlight you receive on an average day.  Our 90 watt SolMaxx off-grid panel will produce 360 watts in 4 hours of direct sunlight.  Thus, if your daily load is 3600 watts, and you receive 4 hours of sunlight in your location, then you will need 10 of thee 90 watt panels to meet your need.  However, due to system losses, it would be wise to increase your panel array output to 20% larger than your load requirements.  Some suggest even greater increases to compensate for periods of extended cloud cover.  Installers should be able to make recommendations regarding your particular needs and the climate in your location.

3) Determine the Size of Your Battery Bank

Batteries are rated in amp/hours.  Begin by converting watt/hours to amp/hours by dividing watt/hours by 12 (for 12 volt batteries).  This will allow to calculate the amp/hours required for your battery bank.  Again, it would be wise to increase the size of your battery bank about 20% above your load requirement to compensate for system losses.

4) Select an Inverter

An inverter converts the low DC voltage from your battery bank to 120-volts AC. To determine the size of the inverter needed, add up the power requirements of all of the loads that you intend to run simultaneously.

5) Select a Charge Controller

A charge controller controls the rate of battery charging and prevents overcharging. You should not connect any solar module directly to the battery without a charge controller in between.  Choose a charge controller that best matches the size of your system. For small systems, the charge controller should consume very little current for its operation.  For large systems the charge controller should have the ability to track PV panel output and adjust to provide the most efficient charging.

6) Select Solar Panel Mounting Location and Supplies

Panels should be installed such that they receive direct sun exposure.  A good rule of thumb is that fixed panels should be mounted on a south-facing roof or other surface at an angle roughly equal to the latitude at which the panels will be installed.  Shade is the solar panel’s worst enemy as it drastically reduces panel efficiency, so be sure to place panels in unobstructed sunlight.

7) Consider Wiring and Installation Safety

Be sure to use wire that is large enough to handle the maximum current that will flow through it!  At times it is best to upsize the wiring to reduce the resistance and system waste.  If you have no background as an electrician, please do not try this at home.

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Solar Shelter Lights & Indoor Lights

Our solar shelter lights and indoor lighting are designed to dramatically slash your electric bill by making your lighting cheaper than ever to operate.

Check out our indoor lighting and solar shelter lighting, including our extremely cheap to run low-power DC compact fluorescent light bulbs, and more below.

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