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Solar Spot light & Flag Light 50W With Ultra Bright LEDs

Solar Spot light & Flag Light 50W With Ultra Bright LEDs

Solar Spot light & Flag Light 50W With Ultra Bright LEDs Add dramatic presentation to your landscape features or sign at night with no-hassle to i...

159.95 $139.95

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S12 LED Solar Flag Pole and Spotlight

S12 LED Solar Flag Pole and Spotlight

Our S12 LED Solar Flag and Spotlight is the perfect solar solution to lighting flags, small signs, walls or landscaping features, walkways, or open a...

129.99 $85.99

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our great FAQs and Answers for our Solar Spotlights below:

1) Which Solar Spotlight is best for me?

Silicon Solar originally manufactures several styles and sizes of spotlighting.  They can illuminate everything from small garden accents to large signs.  If you are interested in learning more about our solar spotlights or lighting kits, but are unsure which kit is right for you, please contact a representative today at 1.800.786.0329.

2) How do I mount my solar spotlight?

All of Silicon Solar’s spot light products include some kind of mounting hardware.  Products may come standard with stake mounting, wall mounting, or pole mounting hardware.  Please be sure to read each individual product’s specifications regarding the included mounting hardware.  Silicon Solar also carries several additional mounting kits such as pole mounting, wall mounting, or wire extensions to help you achieve the precise effect you desire with each spotlight.

Category How-To Guides

Check out our great DIY and How-To Guides for our Solar Spotlights below:

How to Install Solar Spotlighting:

Some of our smaller flag lights are extremely easy to set up, and simply require aiming the spot light at its target, positioning the solar panel to face the sun, and plugging the spotlight into the solar panel/battery pack unit.

For each of our larger flood and sign lighting systems, we provide installation guides and full product support ensuring that our customers will get the most out of these products.  Silicon Solar is confident that when you see these products in action, you will have the trust to continue the use our revolutionary off-grid sign lighting.  In other words, our success is tied to your success, and this guarantees we will help you select and install a lighting system that best fits your needs.

Category Learning Guide

Check out our great Information & Learning Guides for our Solar Spotlights below:

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How Solar Spotlights Work:

  1. During the day the solar panels convert sunlight to direct current electricity which charges the battery pack.
  2. A sensor built into the light recognizes when darkness falls, and it automatically turns the light on.
  3. The light uses high efficiency LEDs to operate through the night by drawing power from the fully charged battery pack.

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Solar Spotlights

Silicon Solar carries more than 100 home and business solar landscape & garden lights. With variations in light color, body color & material, mounting type and light fixture design, we are sure to have the solar landscape lights that are perfect for you. Our solar post lights come in a variety of colors and styles, including; copper finish, black and white. Each post top light is designed for your solar garden landscape, not only to be beautiful but to provide pathway lighting for visitors, yourself, flowers, railings, trees, brushes and many more types of applications.

When deciding what type of lights to provide for your solar landscape, many concerns are brought to the attention of the household owner as to where to put the solar panels? Our solar post lights eliminate that problem by being installed high up on your custom railing allowing for hours of sun charging. At night your lights not only will function when the sun goes down but for hours of enjoyment at no cost from your utility company. Our solar spot lights are here for years of enjoyment on your solar landscape.

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