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Solar Area Lights
Solar Sign Light with 108 LEDs 810 Lumens Replaces 150W Halogen

Solar Sign Light with 108 LEDs 810 Lumens Replaces 150W Halogen

GenLight 108 LED Solar Sign Light with 150W of Illumination Our GenLight 108 LED solar sign and flood light is the most advanced, easy-to-use, and pop...

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SecurePal 96 LED Solar Outdoor Security Flood Light

SecurePal 96 LED Solar Outdoor Security Flood Light

The SecurePal 96LED automatically turns on when it senses the motion of someone walking or driving by within 3 feet. The compact size and high-power m...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our great FAQs and Answers for our Solar Area Lights below:

1) Are Silicon Solar’s Solar Area Lights built for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes.  All of our area lights can be placed in any position which allows the solar panel to have exposure to the light during the daytime (panels for our various products can be placed anywhere from 9-15 feet away from the light fixture).  Moreover, all of our solar lighting products are manufactured with durable and weather resistant components that can endure harsh and inclement weather conditions.  In fact, with their weatherproof housing and encapsulation, coupled with their high efficiency panels, charging circuitry, and LEDs, all of Silicon Solar’s solar area lights operate well even our harsh NY State winters!

2) Which area lighting product is best for me?

Silicon Solar has quite a range of solar lighting options, and we are confident we can find the right one for your needs.  Our product line ranges form the compact 16 LED SecurePal series light (ideal illuminating small porches and walkways), to our 156 LED high output flood lights (which can illuminate areas larger than 30′ x 30′).  Contact our solar lighting specialists today for assistance in selecting which solar lighting system will best fit your needs at 1.800.786.0329.

3) What is the difference between Solar Area Lights, Solar Motion Sensor Lights, and Solar Billboard Lights?

To begin, our solar billboard lighting systems are extremely bright high output systems and are thus typically not suitable for use in home business area lighting applications.  Therefore, our area lighting solutions represent a much more cost effective means of illuminating porches, decks, entrances to homes, businesses, barns, and any other area 15-30 feet in diameter.  Most of our Silicon Solar’s area lighting options differ from motion sensor lights in that they can remain illuminated throughout the night instead of only intermittently when motion is detected.  While some of our area lights include a “motion detection” mode, they typically include larger panels, bigger battery banks, and brighter lighting fixtures that can remain illuminated throughout the night.

Category How-To Guides

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PLEASE NOTE: For may of our solar area lights, it is high beneficial to allow the battery to charge for 1-3 days before using various products to ensure optimal performance and battery life.  You must charge the battery in the “ON” position of the fixture and allow the light to charge in direct sunlight before initial use. Make sure you switch the fixture to OFF each night and back to ON in the morning while charging the battery for the first time. This will allow the battery to fully charge and maximize the longevity of the battery.

Category Learning Guide

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Silicon Solar VP Matt Farrell discusses one of our solar sign and area lights: The GenLight 108LED Solar Sign Light:

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Solar Area Lights

Our solar area lights are designed to light up wide areas of space to ensure safety and security at night, without huge investments in material, installation and operation costs, and a great for a variety of small, medium and large solar lighting applications.

Some of our most popular solar area lights are:

Solar Street Lights
Solar Parking Lot Lights
Solar Path & Walkway Lighting
Solar Security Lights
Solar Shelter Lights
Low-Power Indoor Lighting

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