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Solar Landscape Lights
12 LED Solar Outdoor Security Flood Light

12 LED Solar Outdoor Security Flood Light

Perfect for continuous lighting of flags, signs, landscaping, walks driveways, decks or any large outdoor area. The Solar Outdoor Security Flood Ligh...

79.95 $74.95

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Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light Kit

Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light Kit

The SecurePal 16LED automatically turns on when it senses the motion of someone walking or driving by within 7 feet. The compact size and high-power (...

50.05 $21.95

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our great FAQs and Answers for our Solar Landscape Lights below:

What is the diffence between your 102LED and your 50LED white Christmas lights?

The only difference between our 102 LED and 50 LED white Christmas lights is that the 50 LED have 17 feet of lights while the 102 LED have 37 feet of lights.

What is the advantage of using a SolScape kit instead of regular garden lighting?

SolScape lighting kits are 100% solar powered, which means that you will never pay for electricity to keep them running. Free, clean solar power means that once your kit is installed the lights will run independently. Installing garden lights is typically very expensive, requiring underground wiring and a third party installer which can cost hundreds of dollars. With a SolScape kit, you can simply install the kit on your own because the low voltage and grid-independence of a SolScape kit means a safe and easy installation for everyone.


How do solar garden lighting kits work?

A typical garden light works the same as any other light in your house, except with longer wires needed to plug the lights into an outlet. A solar garden light takes that concept, but removes the long wire tying the lights to the house and compacts everything you need into one small, convenient package. Power is provided directly from a solar panel straight to the light, meaning that the light fixture can be placed anywhere and still run without having to bother with complicated wiring. The problem with these lights is that most suffer from having tiny batteries and cheap solar panels. This means the panels may have a hard time fully charging the battery on a cloudy day and your lights will shut off when you don’t want them to. With the SolScape series lights, the garden light is truly perfected. Each SolScape lighting kit comes with a more powerful solar panel and a larger battery which translates directly into more powerful charging and a longer running time ensuring you always have the power you need.


1) Do these flag lights turn on automatically at night?

Yes.  Silicon Solar’s flag and flood lights use photo-eye technology to deliver 100% automatic operation.  Once installed, these lights will turn on automatically every night and off to recharge during the day.

2) Are these lights easy to install?

Absolutely.  Everything you need is included and they are ready to install right out of the box.  You may also wish to purchase a mounting bracket for secure installation and to ensure your light is in a proper position, and that the panel receives direct sunlight.

3) Which solar flag light is best for me?

Silicon Solar originally manufactures several styles and sizes of spot and flood lighting.  They can illuminate everything from small flags to massive billboards.  If you are interested in learning more about our solar flood or spot lighting kits, but are unsure which kit is right for you, please contact a representative today at 1.800.786.0329.

Category How-To Guides

Check out our great DIY and How-To Guides for our Solar Landscape Lights below:

How to Install Solar Spot and Flood Lighting:

Some of our smaller flag lights are extremely easy to set up, and simply require aiming the spot light at its target, positioning the solar panel to face the sun, and plugging the spot light into the solar panel/battery pack unit.

For each of our larger flood and sign lighting systems, we provide installation guides and full product support ensuring that our customers will get the most out of these products.  Silicon Solar is confident that when you see these products in action, you will have the trust to continue the use our revolutionary off-grid sign lighting.  In other words, our success is tied to your success, and this guarantees we will help you select and install a lighting system that best fits your needs.

Category Learning Guide

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Category Videos

Learn More About Silicon Solar’s High Performance GenLight 108:

Additional & Related Resources

Check out our great Documents & Additional Resources for our Solar Landscape Lights below:

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  2. Mini Solar Rock Light C
  3. Solar Address Light Kit
  4. EuroLight Solar Garden Light
  5. EuroTech Solar Garden Light
  6. Solar Wall Mount Light
  7. Solar Tulip Flower Light
  8. Mini Solar Flood Light
  9. 30 LED Multi-Colored Solar Holiday Lights
  10. 50 LED White Solar Holiday Lights
  11. Solar Butterfly Post Top Light
  12. Wall Mount Bracket For S12 LED Solar Flag and Spotlight
  13. Frosted Moon Solar Garden Light
  14. Solar Bubble Light Short
  15. 2-Pack Stainless Steel Goblet Lights
  16. Solar Crackled Globe Light
  17. Wire Extension For S12 Solar LED Spotlight
  18. Solar Address Light
  19. Solar Icicle Holiday Lights
  20. Solar Holiday Net Lights
  21. MultiPurpose Solar Spot Light
  22. Solar Bubble Light (White)
  23. Solar Bubble Light
  24. Flag Pole Mounting Bracket For S12 LED Solar Flag and Spotlight
  25. Solar Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Light
  26. Solar Landscape Light – Model C
  27. Innovision Series Amber Solar Garden Light
  28. Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light Kit
  29. Solar Stainless Steel Landscape Light
  30. MoonLight Color Series Solar Garden Lights (4 Pack)
  31. Solar Step Light
  32. 102 LED White Solar Holiday Christmas Lights (Alternating)
  33. Solar Flickering Candle Set Light
  34. Raleigh Series Light
  35. PatioPal Zlamp 5X
  36. Knightsbridge Victorian Solar Garden Lantern
  37. HALOSol Solar Security Light
  38. Solar Landscape Light – Model A (4 Pack)
  39. SiliconLight Solar Spotlight
  40. Solar Step Lights – 4 pcs.
  41. Solar Marker Light for Boaters – 2 pcs. (Red/Green)
  42. Rechargeable LED Lantern
  43. SiliconLight Solar Spotlight
  44. Two-Tier Copper Solar Garden Light
  45. 12 LED Solar Outdoor Security Flood Light
  46. 28LED Super Bright Solar Flood Light
  47. 28 LED Solar PIR Motion Sensor Outdoor Security Flood Light
  48. Solar Landscape Light- Model C (6 Pack)
  49. S12 LED Solar Flag Pole and Spotlight
  50. Solar Landscape Light – Model D (6 Pack)
  51. Solar Landscape Light – Model B (6 Pack)
  52. SecurePal Plus Solar Security Motion Sensor Flood Light
  53. Solar Security Light 2x
  54. PatioPal 36LED Solar Flood & Spot Light
  55. 54 LED Solar PIR Motion Sensor Outdoor Security Flood Light
  56. Solar Powered 14 LED Outdoor Security Flood Light
  57. Solar Motion-Activated Security Wedge Light
  58. Crown Solar Shed Light
  59. SecurePal 96 LED Solar Outdoor Security Flood Light
  60. 54LED Motion Sensor Solar Security Light
  61. 4-Pack Raleigh Series Solar Garden Lights
  62. Solar Spot light & Flag Light 50W With Ultra Bright LEDs
  63. Solar Powered Dual-Head LED Outdoor Security Spotlight
  64. Progressive Solar Spot Light
  65. Solar Powered 10 Watt Halogen Outdoor Security Flood Light
  66. Solar Powered 50 LED Outdoor Security Flood Light
  67. Solar Powered 30 Watt Halogen Outdoor Security Flood Light
  68. Solar Powered Aluminum 80 LED Outdoor Security Flood Light
  69. 100 LED Solar Outdoor Security Flood Light
  70. LED Solar Flood Light Kit 54 Ultra Bright LEDs
  71. Solar Powered 80 LED Outdoor Security Flood Light
  72. Baytown Solar Lamp Post with Anchor
  73. SGG 108 SMD/LED Solar Sign Lighting Flood Light
  74. SGG 108 LED Solar Flood Light Kit – 3pc.
  75. Solar Sign & Flood Light with 150 Watt Output / 3 Year Warranty
  76. 8W Solar Powered Street Lights
  77. 30W Solar Commercial Light Fixture
  78. Patio Umbrella w/ Netting and Solar Lights – Green
  79. 156 LED Solar Outdoor Flood Light with Remote Control
  80. 156 LED SMD Solar Outdoor Security Flood Light Kit
  81. EnviroLight SX 100W LED Solar Street Light
  82. 15W Solar Parking Lot Lights
  83. 20W Solar Powered Street Lights
  84. 90W Solar Commercial Light Fixture
  85. 30W Solar Parking Lot Lights
  86. Outdoor Solar Sign Light for Entrance & Surface Signs GenLight 4X
  87. EnviroLight SX 200W LED Solar Street Light
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