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Featured Hanging Solar Area Lights

Hanging Solar Area Lights
4-Pack Raleigh Series Solar Garden Lights

4-Pack Raleigh Series Solar Garden Lights

A great 4-Pack of our extremely popular Raleigh Series copper solar garden lights. Our Raleigh Series Light is one of the most versatile Solar Lights ...

246.40 $134.30

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Solar Crackled Globe Light

Solar Crackled Globe Light

Add a touch of class to your garden patio or deck with our Solar Crackle Globe Lantern. One of our most popular garden lights this striking accent lig...

22.75 $11.95

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our great FAQs and Answers for our Hanging Solar Area Lights below:

What do I do if the solar panel on my garden or patio light looks cloudy/dirty?

Dirt and dust will accumulate on lights over time and if the solar panel becomes blocked it can affect the output of the panel. This can normally be dealt with by wiping the panels clean. The solar panels on small garden lights may also naturally cloud over time, especially when stored in the warehouse for extended periods of time. Lights should still be charged and tested, as in many cases it will not affect the operation of the light. If the light functions properly, cloudiness can sometimes be removed by a thorough cleaning of the panel, by applying a layer of clear lacquer finish, or by applying a layer of clear nail polish directly to the solar panel.


1) How do solar garden lights work?

During daylight hours, solar panels located on the top of each light collect the sun’s energy and stores it within the internal rechargeable battery for use when when night falls.  The battery and charging circuitry is internally protected from all harsh weather conditions.  At nightfall, the high efficiency LED bulb automatically turns on and is powered by that battery through the night.  Installation is as easy as planting the stakes into the ground, and switching the lights on: no electrician, no wires, no electricity bills!

2) How bright are these garden lights?

Many of Silicon Solar’s garden lights use ultra bright LEDs with an output of 10,000-12,000 mcd, which is 3-4 times brighter than times brighter than other solar garden lights with an output of 3000-4000 mcd.  See individual product specifications for details on the brightness of each one of our products.

3) Can I place these garden lights anywhere on my property?

Yes, with the one caveat that the solar panel on top of each light must receive the requisite amount of sunlight per day in order to fully charge the battery.

4) My garden light isn’t as bright as when I first received it.

You may simply need to replace the rechargeable batteries in your light, which can be purchased through Silicon Solar or your local store.  However, before replacing your batteries, first test your lights by placing them in direct sunlight for a day to see if they are simply are not receiving ample sunlight during the day.  Also, take note that lights will generally operate longer hours and more brightly during the summer months than in the winter months.  See our “How-To” section for further instruction on how to troubleshoot and repair solar garden lights.

Category How-To Guides

Check out our great DIY and How-To Guides for our Hanging Solar Area Lights below:

How To Select and Use Solar Garden and Landscaping Lights:

Consider the location of your lights.  While solar garden lights can easily be placed anywhere, their one limitation is that they must receive direct sunlight during the day in order to function during the night.  If the lights are shaded by trees during the daylight hours, the functionality of the lights will be significantly impaired.

Determine your style of light fixture.  Silicon Solar carries a number of various fixture styles including ground stake mounted lights, hanging lanterns, and wall mounted lighting fixtures.

Select the finish you want for your lights.  Silicon Solar carries lights finished with high grade copper, stainless steel, black or clear high grade, durable plastics, and more.

How To Troubleshoot and Repair Solar Garden Lights: 

Change the location or angle of the solar panel that charges the garden light.  Pay attention to the daily sunlight pattern and avoid any shade as shade is the solar panel’s worst enemy.  A few simple adjustments may drastically improve a garden light’s performance.

Wash off the solar panel.  Dirt, dust, and other debris can built up on the panel which, similar to shade, will significantly reduce the light’s performance.  Particularly after inclement weather, which can spatter dirt and soil onto low lying solar panels, wiping clean the solar panels on each light can restore a garden light to optimal brightness and duration.

Clean the batter housing.  Sometimes mother nature can cause buildup or corrosion on the battery or the terminals.  Open up the battery casing, check that nothing is blocking the connectors to prevent the battery from charging, and wipe off the terminals.

Replace the batteries.  While Silicon Solar’s Ni-Cad batteries up to 1300 cycles, they don’t last forever.  Simply replacing the batteries may render your solar garden lights like new.

Replace the light-dependent resistor inside your garden light.  The light-dependent resistor is the mechanism that keeps the garden light off during the day and then allows the stored energy to flow from the battery to the LED during the night.  If it is malfunctioning, the whole solar circuitry won’t operate as intended to store power during the day and illuminate the LED at night.


Category Learning Guide

Check out our great Information & Learning Guides for our Hanging Solar Area Lights below:

Did You Know?
Earlier designs of solar-powered garden lights used less efficient solar panels, incandescent bulbs, and batteries that charged much slower.  All of Silicon Solar’s lights utilize high efficiency solar cells, LEDs, and Ni-Cad high capacity storage batteries that last up to 1300 cycles.  See for yourself what our state-of-the-art solar garden lights are capable of!

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Hanging Solar Area Lights

Hanging solar lights and Wall Mount Solar Lights add elegance and artistry to your pathway, garden or landscape. These lights will automatically come on at dusk and with a full charge, will run throughout most of the night. Many customers utilize our solar hanging and wall mount lights in many different ways. Hanging and wall mount lights can be used for solar pathway lighting, solar driveway lighting, outdoor celebration events, or just around the patio or deck to give you great lighting for evening get-togethers in the backyard.

Over the years, interest in hanging solar lights and wall mount solar lights has grown due to the increases in LED technology, allowing today’s solar garden lights to be brighter, last longer, and provide a more elegant than ever before.

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