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Solar Sign Light with 108 LEDs 810 Lumens Replaces 150W Halogen

Solar Sign Light with 108 LEDs 810 Lumens Replaces 150W Halogen

GenLight 108 LED Solar Sign Light with 150W of Illumination Our GenLight 108 LED solar sign and flood light is the most advanced, easy-to-use, and pop...

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Commercial Solar LED Sign Light 810 Lumens 108 LEDs with 5 Year Warranty

Commercial Solar LED Sign Light 810 Lumens 108 LEDs with 5 Year Warranty

Commercial Solar LED Sign Light – 5 yr Warranty Included Our Commercial Solar LED Sign Light with our GenLight 108 fixture is the most advanced...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our great FAQs and Answers for our Solar Lights below:

Is there a warranty on the products?

Each product comes with a one-year warranty. You may purchase an extended warranty for your Solar Light before you checkout. The warranty may last up to 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years.


How can I maintain the battery life of my Solar Light?

You can purchase a charge controller to limit the rate in which the current charges the battery, so that overcharging and discharging is prevented.

Category How-To Guides

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How to install your solar lighting:

Each product comes with an instruction manual written to make installation simple. You can also go into the website further and look under more specific product categories under the How-To section for more help. If you have questions or need help, feel free to contact the product representative at 1-800-786-0329.

Category Learning Guide

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We have various solar lighting products to fit your needs. From Solar Garden Lights to Solar Sign Lights, we have made each product efficient and available for you at bargain prices! Silicon Solar is the perfect place to go to find the solar light that you are looking for. We also have representatives on the West and East Coast to help you out with any questions you may have or to assist you with your online purchase. We have made shopping with us easy!


Learn how solar guidelines work. The main components of a solar lighting system include:

Solar Panels – Collects sunlight and produces electricity to charge the battery.

Battery – Stores the energy provided by the solar pannel.

Lighting/Charge Controller – Regulates the charge from the solar panel to the battery, and then the battery to the light. It is the most important part of the lighting system since it will determine the efficiency of the system, which includes: extending the life of the battery, increasing the amount of time the lights will remain on, as well as the amount of power the solar panels will provide.

Additional & Related Resources

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  1. Solar Sign Light with 108 LEDs 810 Lumens Replaces 150W Halogen
  2. Mini Solar Rock Light C
  3. Solar Address Light Kit
  4. EuroLight Solar Garden Light
  5. EuroTech Solar Garden Light
  6. 12V Solar Fluorescent Light 7 Watts
  7. Solar Wall Mount Light
  8. Solar Tulip Flower Light
  9. Mini Solar Flood Light
  10. 30 LED Multi-Colored Solar Holiday Lights
  11. SiliconLight Solar Spotlight
  12. 2LED Solar Real Estate Sign Light
  13. 50 LED White Solar Holiday Lights
  14. Solar Butterfly Post Top Light
  15. Wall Mount Bracket For S12 LED Solar Flag and Spotlight
  16. Wire Extension For S12 Solar LED Spotlight
  17. Luna LED Light
  18. Frosted Moon Solar Garden Light
  19. Solar Bubble Light Short
  20. 2-Pack Stainless Steel Goblet Lights
  21. Solar Crackled Globe Light
  22. 12V Fluorescent Light 25 Watts
  23. Solar Address Light
  24. Spark Solar Flashlight
  25. Solar Icicle Holiday Lights
  26. Solar Holiday Net Lights
  27. MultiPurpose Solar Spot Light
  28. Solar Bubble Light (White)
  29. Solar Bubble Light
  31. Flag Pole Mounting Bracket For S12 LED Solar Flag and Spotlight
  32. Solar Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Light
  33. Solar Landscape Light – Model C
  34. EmpowerLight Portable Solar Lantern
  35. SunPal Solar Brochure Box Light
  36. Innovision Series Amber Solar Garden Light
  37. Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light Kit
  38. Solar Stainless Steel Landscape Light
  39. Solar Mosquito Eliminator
  40. MoonLight Color Series Solar Garden Lights (4 Pack)
  41. Solar Step Light
  42. Solar Flickering Candle Set Light
  43. Raleigh Series Light
  51. PatioPal Zlamp 5X
  52. Knightsbridge Victorian Solar Garden Lantern
  53. HALOSol Solar Security Light
  55. EmpowerLight 20 LED Solar Home Lighting Kit
  56. Solar Landscape Light – Model A (4 Pack)
  57. Solar Step Lights – 4 pcs.
  58. Solar Marker Light for Boaters – 2 pcs. (Red/Green)
  59. Rechargeable LED Lantern
  60. New SunPal 2x Solar Real Estate Light
  61. 102 LED White Solar Holiday Christmas Lights (Alternating)
  62. SiliconLight Solar Spotlight
  65. Two-Tier Copper Solar Garden Light
  66. 12 LED Solar Outdoor Security Flood Light
  67. Solar Spot light & Flag Light 24 Ultra Bright LEDs
  68. Emergency / Basecamp Solar Portable Lighting Kit
  69. 28LED Super Bright Solar Flood Light
  70. EZ Lamp Post Anchor
  71. Solar Landscape Light- Model C (6 Pack)
  72. 60 LED Solar Home Lighting Kit with Mobile Device Charger
  73. S12 LED Solar Flag Pole and Spotlight
  74. Solar Landscape Light – Model D (6 Pack)
  75. 40 LED Solar Lighting and Battery Charging Kit
  76. Solar Landscape Light – Model B (6 Pack)
  77. SecurePal Plus Solar Security Motion Sensor Flood Light
  78. 60 LED Solar Home Lighting System
  79. Solar Security Light 2x
  80. PatioPal 36LED Solar Flood & Spot Light
  81. Solar Powered 14 LED Outdoor Security Flood Light
  82. Solar Motion-Activated Security Wedge Light
  83. Crown Solar Shed Light
  84. SecurePal 96 LED Solar Outdoor Security Flood Light
  85. 54LED Motion Sensor Solar Security Light
  86. 4-Pack Raleigh Series Solar Garden Lights
  87. 28 LED Solar PIR Motion Sensor Outdoor Security Flood Light
  88. Solar Powered Dual-Head LED Outdoor Security Spotlight
  89. Baytown Solar Lamp Post with Anchor
  90. Progressive Solar Spot Light
  91. Solar Powered 10 Watt Halogen Outdoor Security Flood Light
  92. Solar Powered 50 LED Outdoor Security Flood Light
  93. 54 LED Solar PIR Motion Sensor Outdoor Security Flood Light
  94. Solar Powered 30 Watt Halogen Outdoor Security Flood Light
  95. Solar Powered 80 LED Outdoor Security Flood Light
  96. Compact Solar Lighting System (Uni-Kit)
  97. Solar Powered Aluminum 80 LED Outdoor Security Flood Light
  98. 100 LED Solar Outdoor Security Flood Light
  99. LED Solar Flood Light Kit 54 Ultra Bright LEDs
  100. SGG 108 SMD/LED Solar Sign Lighting Flood Light
  101. SGG 108 LED Solar Flood Light Kit – 3pc.
  102. GenLight Waterproof Indoor & Outdoor Solar 150W LED Strip
  103. Solar Sign & Flood Light with 120 LEDs W/ 3 Year Warranty
  104. 8W Solar Powered Street Lights
  105. 30W Solar Commercial Light Fixture
  106. Patio Umbrella w/ Netting and Solar Lights – Green
  107. 156 LED Solar Outdoor Flood Light with Remote Control
  108. Commercial Solar LED Sign Light 810 Lumens 108 LEDs with 5 Year Warranty
  109. 156 LED SMD Solar Outdoor Security Flood Light Kit
  110. Outdoor Solar Sign Light for Entrance & Surface Signs GenLight 4X
  111. 12W LED Solar Powered StreetLight
  112. 15W Solar Parking Lot Lights
  113. 20W Solar Powered Street Lights
  114. 90W Solar Commercial Light Fixture
  115. 30W Solar Parking Lot Lights
  116. 25W Integrated Solar Street Light
  117. Solar Billboard Lighting Kit – EnviroLight 2X
  118. Retrofit Poster Panel Solar Billboard Lighting Kit EnviroLight 4X
  119. Solar Commercial Billboard Lighting Kit- EnviroLight 6X
  120. Standard Billboard Solar Powered Sign Lighting System Pre-packaged Kits EnviroLight 8X
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