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Solar Expansion Tanks

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is The Purpose Of A Solar Hot Water Expansion Tank?
An expansion tank in a Solar Hot Water System acts as a safety buffer for the heat transfer fluid in the system.  As the pressurized system heats up, the heat transfer fluid/water mixture expands and creates a higher pressure in the system.  When this happens, the expansion tank takes on the excess pressure to prevent any damage to the pipes.

What Size Of An Expansion Tank Do I Need?
The size of your expansion tank is dependent on the size of your Solar Hot Water System, how much heat transfer fluid will be in your system, and the pressure of the entire system.  Depending on these factors, we will help you decide which size will be right for your system.

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How To Install An Expansion Tank

How To Tell If Your Expansion Tank Is Working:

An expansion tank is divided into two sections (top and bottom).  The top portion of an expansion tank is filled with the heat transfer fluid/water mixture, and the bottom is filled with air at a specific pressure.  There are two main ways to tell if your expansion tank is working: sound and feel.  Knock on the top and bottom portions of the tank separately, and listen for two different sounds.  The top should sound like a dull thud while the bottom should sound hollow.  If the two sounds are exactly the same, then you might need to repair or replace your expansion tank.  The top and bottom should also have different temperatures; the top should always be warmer than the bottom.  If this is not the case, you might need to repair or replace the tank.

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How A Thermal Expansion Tank Works:

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Solar Expansion Tanks

A solid, reliable solar expansion tank is a critical component of any pressurized solar hot water or solar heating system. The solar expansion tank provides a safety buffer as the heat transfer fluid (typically a combination of water and SunMaxx Glycol XT) expands as temperatures within the solar loop of your solar thermal system increase throughout the day.

If you have any questions in choosing the right size solar expansion tank for your new solar hot water system, or to replace an aging expansion tank in your existing system, please contact one of our solar professionals today.

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