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Warm Climate Residential Solar Hot Water Kits

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What Is The Difference Between Warm Climate And Cold Climate Solar Hot Water Systems?
In a nutshell, Warm Climate Systems use the Drainback method and Cold Climate Systems use the Boiler Backup method.  Because there is less heat loss in warmer climates, the hot water from the collectors can simple by “drained back” to the storage tank.  In colder climates where heat is more easily lost to the environment, the Boiler Backup method utilizes more components to ensure a desirable temperature of your water.

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How A Drainback System Works:

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  10. HelioMaxxDB Drainback DHW Kit – 120G / SDB (Collectors Not Included)
Warm Climate Residential Solar Hot Water Kits

Our warm climate pre-packaged solar hot water kits are ready-to-install solar hot water kits that are designed to work exceptionally in warm (southern) climates. Simply choose the right size (and type) of kit for your needs, choose your solar collectors (evacuated tubes or flat plates), have your system installed and start saving money.

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