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How do I protect my Solar Water Fountains and Solar Operated Yard Figurines?

In order to protect your solar water fountains and solar operated yard figurines you must clean them occasionally.  Also if you live in a cold climate we suggest you bring your fountains and yard figurines inside during the winter months.

My floating solar fountain will not stay in one spot. How can I fix that?

You can attach a tether to the bottom of the fountain and to a heavy waterproof object (like a rock) to keep your fountain in place.

What should I do if my floating solar fountain does not spray anymore?

Check to make sure your fountain’s filter is not clogged.  If it isn’t you may need to replace the battery in your fountain.

Can I leave my floating solar fountain in water all year round?

If you live in a climate where the temperatures are not able to freeze water, than yes you can leave your fountain in water all year round. If you live in a climate where water can freeze you will want to remove your fountain from the water. If you do not your fountain may become damaged by ice, which is not covered in your warranty.

How would I go about extending the length of cable from my battery to the solar panel for my Aquajet kit so I can place my panel somewhere farther away?

You will need a 14 gauge wire with positive and negative terminals inside, and a basic knowledge of soldering. Wire can easily be spliced anywhere in between the connection from the solar panel to the battery box. Wire should not exceed 50 ft. in length at 14 gauge to minimize the voltage drop to below 3%. If you require the panel to be even farther away than this, the wire gauge should be thicker to compensate for the distance and still minimize voltage drop.



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  1. Floating Solar Fountain For Pond and Water Gardens
Floating Solar Fountains

These floating units require no wiring or complicated installation. Simply place them under the sun in your pond or pool and enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of trickling water. These lights and fountains are also great for oxygenating to your pond and preventing algae from build up.

Our solar fountain pumps allow for a great mix of mother nature and manmade machinery. Each Solar floating fountain pump creates a water spray making the surrounding water environment ripple with beauty and ease.

When selecting or choosing solar floating fountain from Silicon Solar, we recommend speaking with a reliable field specialist who all have experience in solar water landscape design and can make an difficult decision both easy and informative.

Why stop at solar floating fountains, join the rest who have used our selection of over 235 solar water fountain products both small and large.

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