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Featured EduSol K-6 Educational Solar Kits

EduSol K-6 Educational Solar Kits
Build Your Own 12W Solar Panel Kit

Build Your Own 12W Solar Panel Kit

Free Bonus: Solar Lab Get a free copy of our PV Solar Power Output Lab when you purchase this DIY solar panel kit (a $9.99 value)! Our DIY 12W Solar P...

136.20 $39.95

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Solar Circuit Kit | Solar Demo Kit

Solar Circuit Kit | Solar Demo Kit

Solar Circuit Kit | Solar Demo Kit An informative educational tool the EduSol Circuit Kit is an excellent resource that provides a hands-on learning e...

24.95 $9.95

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our great FAQs and Answers for our EduSol K-6 Educational Solar Kits below:

1) Do your solar education kits include instructions for assembly?

Yes.  All of our elementary school level kits come with clear, easy-to-follow instructions so children can understand the simple mechanics and the role of the solar panel for each product.

2) Do all solar educational and demo kits include all the parts I need?

Most of our educational kits include all the parts you need to assemble and enjoy the finished product.  However, a few of our products require additional materials such as a soldering iron, flux, or tabbing in order to completely assemble. Please see the individual product specifications for further details. If you have additional questions, you can contact a customer service representative at (800) 786-0329.

Category How-To Guides

Check out our great DIY and How-To Guides for our EduSol K-6 Educational Solar Kits below:

How to Build Your Own Solar Panel:

Category Learning Guide

Check out our great Information & Learning Guides for our EduSol K-6 Educational Solar Kits below:

Category Videos

How to Educate and Introduce Students to Solar:

Silicon Solar’s educational kits are a great way to introduce students to solar power, motors, mechanics, direct current electricity, and even electrician work in the case of our Build-Your-Own-Solar-Panel Kit.

Our society today is infatuated with portable consumer electronics.  Kids can’t seem to put down their cell phones and other handheld devices. Show them that they can charge all of these devices via solar power! Silicon Solar carries several mobile device solar battery chargers which would be perfect to educate our future generations about how cool solar can be.

Host a solar science fair! This idea not only works for schools, but also for youth groups, boy scouts, girl scouts, and 4-H. It’s a great way for a student to learn about solar energy in detail and give the rest of their classmates or peers an overview. THE FOUNDERS OF SILICON SOLAR STARTED THE COMPANY BECAUSE THEIR INTEREST IN SOLAR APPLICATIONS AND INNOVATION WERE SPARKED BY A HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE FAIR!!! So who knows, maybe you’ll inspire a career!

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  5. RC Solar Car Kit
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  8. Build Your Own 12W Solar Panel Kit
  9. SunMaxx Vacuum Direct Flow Collector Demo Kit
  10. Build Your Own 42W Solar Panel Educational Kit
  11. Sample SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Collector Demo Kit
  12. SunMaxx Thermosyphon Solar Panel Kit
  13. TitanPowerPlus-SU2 Cross Section Demo Model
EduSol K-6 Educational Solar Kits

Our EduSol educational solar kits for for grades K-6 are the ideal introduction to solar energy and how solar power works. Great for classroom experiments and testing with solar panels, solar power and the different things that solar power can do, for youth groups (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and 4-H, as well parents looking to teach their children about solar energy, our educational solar kits introduce solar power in the most fun, and engaging way possible.

Our educational solar kits for grades K-6 include:

Solar cars
Solar walking robots and insects
Solar walkers
And much, much more
If you need help choosing the right educational solar kits for your children, or are a school looking to place a bulk purchase order for educational solar kits, please contact a solar education representative today for assistance.

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