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Build Your Own 42W Solar Panel Educational Kit

Build Your Own 42W Solar Panel Educational Kit

Build Your Own 42W Solar Panel Educational Kit Our DIY 42W Solar Panel Kit includes all the necessary components to construct your very own 42W Solar ...

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Solar Educational Demo Kit (Solar energy for Kids)

Solar Educational Demo Kit (Solar energy for Kids)

Solar Educational Demo Kit (Solar energy for Kids) The EduSol Demo Kit is our best selling educational solar kit. This kit is ideal for classroom chil...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What types of solar kits does Silicon Solar carry?

Silicon Solar carries everything from small solar powered models, to more complex solar cell and circuit kits.  We have educational kits that are appropriate for first graders all the way up to demo versions of our water heating units which our professional installers use to education their home-owning customers.

Category How-To Guides

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How to Educate and Introduce Students to Solar:

Silicon Solar’s educational kits are a great way to introduce students to solar power, motors, mechanics, direct current electricity, and even electrician work in the case of our Build-Your-Own-Solar-Panel Kit.

Our society today is infatuated with portable consumer electronics.  Kids can’t seem to put down their cell phones and other handheld devices. Show them that they can charge all of these devices via solar power! Silicon Solar carries several mobile device solar battery chargers which would be perfect to educate our future generations about how cool solar can be.

Host a solar science fair! This idea not only works for schools, but also for youth groups, boy scouts, girl scouts, and 4-H. It’s a great way for a student to learn about solar energy in detail and give the rest of their classmates or peers an overview. THE FOUNDERS OF SILICON SOLAR STARTED THE COMPANY BECAUSE THEIR INTEREST IN SOLAR APPLICATIONS AND INNOVATION WERE SPARKED BY A HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE FAIR!!! So who knows, maybe you’ll inspire a career!

Category Learning Guide

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Education is a key element to a sustainable future.  Both solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy systems not only provide clean renewable energy, but also save end-users thousands of dollars on utility costs providing a net savings over the life of each system.  Most people in the United States could benefit economically from going solar, but the percentage of energy in this country that comes from solar power comprises only a tiny fraction of the nation’s total energy use.  If the almost everyone could benefit economically as well as environmentally from going solar, then why aren’t more people installing solar renewable energy systems? The answer is a lack of education.  Silicon Solar carries an assortment of books and education kits hoping to arm the masses with valuable information.  The more solar models and demo kits we can get into schools, the better.  If we can educate the next generation about the value and benefits of solar energy, it will only encourage the acceptance and proliferation of solar technologies making us a stronger nation, and a better world.

Additional & Related Resources

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  16. Beginner Level Solar Kit
  17. Solar Educational Demo Kit (Solar energy for Kids)
  18. Soldering Iron
  19. Solar Cart Kit for Classroom DIY Education
  20. Biodiesel
  21. The Citizen Powered Energy Handbook
  22. Solar Labs – Complete Series #1
  23. Build Your Own 12W Solar Panel Kit
  24. Going Solar
  25. The Sun-Inspired House
  26. Natural Home Heating
  27. The New Ecological Home
  28. The Passive Solar House
  29. The Solar House
  30. Build Your Own 45W DIY Solar Panel & Cells Kit
  31. 75W DIY Solar Panel Kit
  32. Solar Hot Water Systems: Lessons Learned 1977 to Today
  33. 80W DIY Solar Panel Kit
  34. Solar Training Workshop LVL2 The Solar Loop
  35. Solar Training Workshop LVL3 The Solar Loop Pt2
  36. Solar Training Workshop LVL2 The Solar Loop (Copy)
  37. SunMaxx Vacuum Direct Flow Collector Demo Kit
  38. Build Your Own 42W Solar Panel Educational Kit
  39. Sample SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Collector Demo Kit
  40. 235W DIY Solar Panel Kit
  41. SunMaxx Thermosyphon Solar Panel Kit
  42. Solar Training Workshop LVL4 Solar Thermal Sales and Marketing Training
  43. Solar Training Workshop LVL5 Commercial Solar Thermal Sales Training
  44. Planning and Installing Solar Thermal Systems: A Guide for Installers Architects and Engineers
  45. TitanPowerPlus-SU2 Cross Section Demo Model
  50. EduPower Small Demo Station
Solar Education

Our solar education products and kits are ideal for all ages and every experience level with solar power. Whether you are a complete beginner just learning the basics of how solar power works or you are looking to install your own solar system, or become a professional solar installer, you can get all the solar education you need right here.

From small solar education kits, solar books & videos, as well as solar training workshops and seminars, we have solar education products, solar books, and solar training for everyone interested in learning about solar power systems.

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