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Portable Solar Power Systems
150W Portable Solar Power System

150W Portable Solar Power System

The 150W Portable Solar Power System is a great compact, lightweight solar power system for camping and travel. The 150W portable power system feature...

1,495.00 $950.00

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TruPower Portable Solar Power System 500W

TruPower Portable Solar Power System 500W

TruPower Portable Solar Power System 500W The TruPower Portable 500W Solar System is an easy to use and install off grid solar kit that can be used as...

599.00 $499.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our great FAQs and Answers for our Portable Solar Power Systems below:

What is a solar power inverter?

The solar panels on your roof absorbs sunlight and produces DC electricity. The DC electricity is then sent to the solar power inverter. The solar power inverter converts the DC electricity into AC electricity. The solar power inverter then sends the AC electricity to the electrical panel where it is then distributed to power your household appliances. In short the solar power inverters are what coverts the DC electricity generated by the solar panels to AC electricity, the electricity that is used to power your household appliances.

Do I need a back-up battery system when installing a solar energy system?

No, all solar energy systems are connected to your grid system. All of the electricity that you do not use goes into the grid system, but you never have to worry about running out of power because you have energy coming in from your solar energy system along with the electricity that comes from your power company.

What is a portable solar system?

A portable solar system is a set of light weight, transportable, and energy efficient components. The goal of the system is to provide an alternate energy source in absence of a grid.

How does a portable solar system work?

Portable solar systems will store energy from sunlight and produce usable electricity. When exposed to direct sunlight, your solar panel will store energy from the sun in a battery bank. This energy will then be converted for your personal usage.

How do I know what size portable solar system I need? 

Different size portable solar systems will produce different amounts of energy given the amount of sunlight exposure. It is optimal to match the amount of power you need to the amount of energy the portable system will produce given your sun exposure region.

What can portable solar systems be used for?

Our portable solar power systems can be used for a wide variety of solar applications. Some of the most popular include

  • Laptop charging & power
  • Camera & camcorder charging
  • Remote monitoring and power systems
  • Power systems for Burning Man
  • Remote & portable solar lighting





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The solar panel consist of individual photovoltaic cells made of silicon, which captures pockets of energy from the suns rays and stores them as a Direct Current (DC) in a battery pack which is attached to the portable solar panel. Appliances use AC current, so the portable solar system will contain a inverter which will convert the energy into its usable form. The amount of energy produced by your kit will be dependent on the size of the panel and the efficiency of the inverter.

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Portable Solar Power Systems

Silicon Solar offers a range of portable solar power kits which are packaged complete with various solar panels, depending on your requirements. Also offering flexible solar panels, Silicon Solar can cater to your portable solar power needs, whether it be for a laptop computer, lights or a small TV.

Due to the increase in solar panel efficiency rates, our solar panels are now stronger in output and smaller in size than ever before. With solar battery systems becoming lighter and smaller in power requirement this gives Silicon Solar the edge in providing light weight, cost efficient solar portable power systems for anyone’s need.

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Search our online catalog for hundreds of solar lights, solar fountains and many other products, including solar cells and solar panels. We also manufacture custom solar kits upon request for professors and educational programs.

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