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San Jose Solar Information Guide

San Jose is one of the most populous cities in the United States. As we all know, San Jose is just few miles away from the well-known technology area – The Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations as well as thousands of small startups. It is a place combined and built with the idea of technology and future. Solar energy is a perfect alternative energy representing technology and future. San Jose will become a perfect place for development of solar energy. Also, San Jose can become a perfect symbol of solar energy.

San Jose averaged more than 300 sunshine hours per year, which is at least more than 8.2 hours for a day on average. San Jose has a Subtropical Mediterranean climate. These climate factors make San Jose a perfect place to promote the advantage of solar energy. The city has a goal of meeting 100% of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources by 2022 and is working hard to remove any barriers to solar adoption.

Silicon Solar is dedicated to help every San Jose resident and business the most out of their solar energy investment.

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San Jose Solar Information Guide

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San Jose Solar Initiatives

San Jose Initiatives

The San Jose Government makes it easy for every resident and business to apply and obtain a solar permit within the city. According to the San Jose's Government website, the processing time for most single-family solar permits can conveniently be handled over the counter by your installer after filling out a simplified one-page application

The average permit fee for a single family residential solar system in San José is $310. Building, Plumbing and Electrical permits are required for all solar installations. However, building permits are not required for roof installations that do not exceed any of the following criteria:
-Total panel weight (including frame) is greater than 5 lbs. per square foot
-Maximum concentrated load at each point of support exceeds 40 lbs.
-Maximum height above roof surface exceeds 18 inches
-Plumbing Plan Review is required for hot water systems for multi-family, commercial and industrial installations..

San Jose Solar Incentives

San Jose Solar Incentives

California’s robust renewable portfolio standard (RPS), which requires all utilities in the state to source 33 percent of their electric generation from renewable resources by 2020, is a leading driver for the incentives offered throughout the state.

There are different rebate programs, such as:
-Single-Family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH) Program
You can get rebates from $4.75 - $7 per W-AC for the installation of solar panel (PV) systems.
-CEC - New Solar Homes Partnership
You can get rebates for solar panels from $2.50/watt to $3.50/watt depending on income and type of system you install. To take advantage of the rebates, your home must be at 15% higher energy efficiency than Title 24.
-You can get a federal tax credit of 30% of cost for installing solar panels, wind energy, solar water heaters, geothermal heat pumps, and fuel cells.
-Rebates also available through Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E).

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