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Replacement 12v Solar Pump

12-24v Solar Pump

12-24v Replacement Solar Fountain Pump

Enhance your garden, your pathway, or even around your patio without raising your electricity bill.

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Complete Kit
12-24v Solar Pump Kit

12-24v Solar Fountain Pump Kit

Hanging solar lights and Wall Mount Solar Lights add elegance and artistry to your pathway or garden.

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Medium Output
12v Solar Pump Kit


Our solar garden ornaments & specialty are specifically designed to be purely decorative lighting addons.

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Waterfall Ready
12v Solar Pump Kit

12v Solar Waterfall Pump Kit

Our selection of low-cost solar lights (or cheap solar lights) are great for garden lovers on a budget.

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Finding The Right 12v Solar Pump For You

Check out our 12-24v Pump or 12-24v Pump Kit
What size solar water fountain pump do you need for circulation depending on the size of your pond? Use the table below to find out.

Pond Size (G) Min Pump (GPH)
30 – 100 50 GPH
100 – 200 100 GPH
200 – 400 200 GPH
400 – 700 350 GPH
700 – 900 450 GPH

Replacement 12v Solar Pump Guide

Check out our 12v Solar Waterfall Pump Kit

Replacement 12v solar pumps are great for all of your garden, landscape and home pumping needs. Whether you have a standard electric pump that you are thinking of converting to solar, an existing solar pump kit in need of a new pump or are looking for new/additional solar pump kit for your home or garden, our 12v solar pumps are sure to have exactly what you need.
We carry a complete line of replacement 12v solar pumps, as well as a number of complete 12v solar pump kits that include the pump, tubing, a high-efficiency solar panel and usually a battery backup system for nighttime / cloudy day operation.
Also, there are a line of larger 12v solar pumps that are designed for other applications such as well pumping, irrigation systems and more.
Check out complete line of solar water pumps here.