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Recommended Portable Solar Power Systems

150W Portable Solar Power System

150W Portable Solar Power System
SKU: TruPower-150W-ACDC
You Pay: $ 418.95

DIY Solar Charger

DIY Solar Charger
SKU: SolMaxx-Mono-12V35W
You Pay: $ 124.95

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Portable Solar Power Systems

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  • TruPower Portable Extender

    Using universal input and output connectors simply place your solar panels in parallel and the TruPower Portable Extender ensures your voltage will stay constant while combining the amperage capability of up to 8 solar panels. Use the output port to direct power to a battery or a Silicon Solar 12V7A or 12V30A solar charge controller cigarette lighter adapter or alligator battery clamp adapter Learn More

    SKU: TruPower-Portable-Extender

  • Sherpa 50 Inverter (110V)

    Sherpa 50 Inverter (110V) The Sherpa Inverter quickly and easily turns your Sherpa Recharger into a convenient wall plug so you can power laptops, tablets and camera batteries wherever life takes you. The inverter is compatible with: Sherpa 50 Portable Recharger Learn More

    SKU: SS-GZ-Sherpa50-Inverter

  • Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack

    Ultra lightweight USB solar charging system that fits in your pocket. Use as a single unit power pack to power your device or as a power source to recharge the batteries for use in any AA or AAA battery powered device. Comes with 1 Guide 10 Plus Power Pack, a 4 Pack of AA rechargeable batteries, and 1 Super Charge Cable. The Guide 10 Plus is also capable of charging an iPad with its 1.0 Amp USB. Learn More

    SKU: SS-GZ-Guide10

  • Emergency / Basecamp Solar Portable Lighting Kit

    6 Review(s)
    Silicon Solar's Solar Portable Lighting Kit is a perfect design for any outdoor activities. The Solar Portable Lighting Kit converts sunlight to electricity charging batteries during the daytime for lighting use at night. It is durable and can easily be transported just about anywhere you want to go. There are no glass or crystalline components to break or shatter. Simple plug-in connections make this system easy to install. Learn More

    SKU: TruPower-DC-PortableLight

  • DIY Solar Charger

    2 Review(s)
    The 12V 35W DIY solar panel is powered by Crystalline photovoltaic cells. Our solar battery trickle charger are generally used for off-grid purposes. It is a more versatile solar panel in terms of application. They are a smaller lightweight solar panel, specifically this solar panel weighs about 7.7lbs, making transportation and handling convenient. Learn More

    SKU: SolMaxx-Mono-12V35W

  • Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

    Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator A plug-and-play generator for emergencies, camping, or wherever you need power. The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator is a gas-free source of portable power to keep lights, phones and laptops powered on through any situation. It's your portable, mini powerhouse. Learn More

    SKU: SS-GZ-Yeti150

  • TruPower Portable Solar Power Add-On Kit 85A - 90A

    The TruPower Portable 85A-90A is a solar add on kit that can be added onto your existing TruPower Portable 500W solar starter kit by using a TruePower Portable Extender solar combiner. The TruPower Portable 85A-90A is used for expansion of your solar power kit to support your increasing need for more power from the sun. Learn More

    SKU: TruPower-Portable-90A

  • Sherpa 50W Portable Solar Power Charging Kit

    This portable solar charging kit includes a battery pack with a capacity of 50W, which is capable of powering multiple devices through USB, 12V, or laptop ports. The battery pack can be charged by an AC wall charger, 12V car adapter, or the 13W solar panel included in the kit. The solar panel also comes with multiple power ports for charging the battery pack, as well as USB or 12V devices directly from the sun. Learn More


  • 150W Portable Solar Power System

    The 150W Portable Solar Power System is a great compact, lightweight solar power system for camping and travel. The 150W portable power system features a hardshell (water resistant) case with carrying handle Learn More

    SKU: TruPower-150W-ACDC

  • Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

    Use with USB powered devices, 12V and AC powered devices. The Goal Zero Yeti 400 is best used with your tablet, laptop and TV. The chart below gives approximate power given to the most common devices the Goal Zero Yeti 400 powers. Learn More

    SKU: SS-GZ-Yeti400

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Information Guide

TruPower-150W-ACDC TruPower-350W-ACDC
How Long Does It Take To Charge The Battery?
Fram Wall (AC) ~ 6 hours ~ 12 hours
From Car ~ 8 hours ~ 16 hours
From Solar Panel ~ 17 - 34 hours ~ 17 - 34 hours
How Many Times Will It Charge My Device
Smartphone (4 watt-hours) ~ ~ 15 charges ~ ~ 30 charges
DSLR Camera (8 watt-hours) ~ 12 charges ~ 24 charges
Tablet (25 - 40 watt-hours) ~ 6 charges ~ 12 charges
Laptop (50 watt-hours) ~ 1 - 2 charges ~ 3 - 4 charges

What Will Our Portable Power Systems Charge?

What Will Our Portable Power Systems Charge

Our line of portable solar power systems are pre-packaged kits designed with you in mind. Each kit comes complete with the solar panels, batteries, inverters, charging cords and more.

Some of the most popular uses of our complete portable solar power systems are:

  • Laptop charging
  • Camera / video camera charging
  • Remote monitoring and power systems
  • Burning man / camping power systems
  • Remote / portable solar lighting
  • Remote / portable solar pumping
  • Emergency / backup power needs

A good portable solar power system is:

  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • Compact enough to fit in your car / camper / hiking bag
  • Powerful enough to charge the electronics you need
  • A great tool for those who want a little creature comfort out on the road

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