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Silicon Solar Inc, the manufacturer, designer, and distributor of more than 300 unique solar products, has upgraded one of its best selling product lines, their solar billboard lighting systems.  Our new EnviroLight, builds on the tremendous success of the company’s first generation billboard lighting systems, and offers additional value and performance with several key upgrades.

The new EnviroLight systems feature upgraded solar panels, mounting systems, more powerful light fixtures and heads, and batteries, and now offer a 5 day battery backup, allowing the EnviroLight to work even in areas that are prone to stretches of cloudy weather than can last from three days up to almost a week.

Arnold P, an independent outdoor advertiser, says “I bought a couple of the Silicon Solar’s billboard lighting systems for a couple of my facings, and they worked well.  But, I ordered one of the EnviroLights when they first came out and installed it.  The side-by-side comparison was amazing, and the EnviroLight really stole the show.  It even outperforms the regular lighting systems in the area.  I am definitely going to get some more of the EnviroLights in the near future.”

With its built-in upgrades and unmatched performance, the EnviroLight is set to bring affordable, effective lighting to outdoor facings in remote locations where the cost of connecting to the electric grid would be too prohibitive to make the illumination of the facing worthwhile.  And, with electric prices continuously on the rise, many major, and independent outdoor advertisers are looking to solar energy to help cut down their costs and increase their profits, much the same way that residents and other businesses are doing with other specialized solar technologies.

Paul F, the owner and operator of more than 50 billboard facings, says “I was looking into lighting a couple of my facings that were in areas of high traffic, but with the cost of a standard lighting system, installation, and electric connection negating most of the estimated profit increase from the facing, I had decided not to go through with the upgrade.  Then, by chance, I came across the EnviroLight at the Silicon Solar website, and called to ask about the system.  I now have a fully installed, fully functional billboard lighting system on my facings, and a cost that was only a fraction of what I was quoted for a standard electric connection.”

While the cost of electricity, and other traditional forms of energy continue to increase and cost businesses their profits and liveliness, the EnviroLight is a beacon of light, offering tremendous performance and value that will save outdoor advertisers thousands of dollars per facing over coming years.

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Why Shop With Us

Why Shop With Silicon Solar

Silicon Solar is, and always will be, a family owned and operated solar company dedicated to providing the highest quality solar powered products which have completed our rigorous quality inspection. We also manufacture a full line of solar powered products right here in our production facility; enabling us offer faster delivery and priority technical support.

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