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Save 20-30% On Off Grid Solar Kits With Silicon Solar Buy A Off-Grid Solar Kit In Three Easy Steps Grid Tie Solar Kits From Silicon SolarGrid Tie Solar Kits From Silicon SolarGrid Tie Solar Kits From Silicon SolarGrid Tie Solar Kits From Silicon SolarGrid Tie Solar Kits From Silicon Solar

Step 1: Caclulating Your Power Load Needs

Load Evaluation Calculator

If you are unsure of how much power you use on a daily basis, you can use the form below to calculate your power needs.

Appliance Quantity Watts (V*A) (* 1.5 for AC) Hours On / Day Watt Hours / Day Remove Appliance
Your Total Daily Watt Hours Watt Hours

Estimated Appliance Electrical Consumption Table

The figures below are approximate, for the best results you should use the ratings on your own appliances

Appliance Watts Appliance Watts Appliance Watts
Central Air Conditioner 5000 Electric Blanket 200 Hedge Trimmer 450
Electric Clothes Dryer 3400 Shaver 15 Weed Eater 500
Oven 3000 Waterpik 100 1/4" Drill 250
Hair Dryer 1538 Well Pump (1/3-1 HP) 480 - 1200 1/2" Drill 750
Dishwasher 1200 - 2400 Laptop 60 - 250 1" Drill 1000
Coffee Machine 1500 Plasma TV 339 9" Disc Sander 1200
Microwave 1500 LCD TV 213 3" Belt Sander 1000
Popcorn Popper 1400 25" Color TV 150 12" Chain Saw 1100
Toaster Oven 1200 19" Color TV 70 14" Band Saw 1100
Hot Plate 1200 12" Black n White TV 20 7-1/4" Circular Saw 900
Iron 1100 Stereo 10 - 30 8-1/4" Circular Saw 1400
Toaster 1100 Satellite Dish 30 Refrigerator / Freezer**  
Microwave 500 - 1500 Radiotelephone - Receive 5 20 cubic ft (AC) 1411 wh/day
Room Air Conditioner 1100 Radiotelephone - Send 40 - 150 16 cubit ft (AC) 1200 wh/day
Vacuum Cleaner 500 Lights   Freezer  
Water Heater 479 100W Incandescent Bulb 100 15 cubic ft (Upright) 1240 wh/day
Sink Waste Disposal 450 25W CFL Bulb 28 15 cubic ft (Chest) 1080 wh/day
Espresso Machine 360 50W DC Incandescent Bulb 50 Cell Phone - Recharge 2 - 4
Dehumidifier 350 40W DC Halogen Bulb 40 MP3 Player - Recharge .25 - .40
Blender 300 20W DC CFL Bulb 22

* Even when appliances like TVs, VCRs and more are turned off, they still draw power

** Refrigerators actually cycle ON/OFF all day long to maintain their temperatures. To estimate the actual run-time at full wattage, divide the hours the fridge is plugged in by 3

Additionally, you can find the daily kwh usage of an appliance, by dividing the Energy Star rating by 365

Humidifier 300 - 1000 CFL Bulb (40W Equivalent) 11
Video Game System 195 CFL Bulb (60W Equivalent) 18
Standard TV 188 CFL Bulb (75W Equivalent) 20
Monitor 150 CFL Bulb (100W Equivalent) 30
Computer 120 Heaters  
Portable Fan 100 Engine Block Heater 150 - 1000
Ceiling Fan 100 Portable Heater 1500
Can Opener 100 Waterbed Heater 400
Curling Iron 90 Stock Tank Heater 100
Cable Box 20 Clothes Dryer - Gas Heated 300 - 400
Clock Radio 7 Furnace Blower 300 - 1000
Estimated Appliance Power Consumption Table

Step 2: Determining Your Solar Resources & Calculating Your Solar Array Size Needs

Is your location a great spot for a solar power system? The chances are yes. You can use the table and the map below to determine just how much sun you really get at your home. With this information and a power load sizing sheet, you can determine exactly which of our off grid solar systems is the perfect fit for your power needs.

Buy Manufacturer Direct And Save Even More!

When you purchase through Silicon Solar, you will save as much as 20-30% vs buying your system through a local solar installer because you aren't paying a retail markup by buying manufacturer direct.

A solar installer may charge as much as $9.55 / watt (plus installation costs). But, at Silicon Solar, your system can cost as little as $5.95 - 7.95 / watt.

System Size Typical Installer
Typical Silicon
Solar Price
You Save
1500W $ 14,325 $ 10,155 $ 4,170
3600W $ 34,380 $ 24,372 $ 10,008
4500W $ 42,975 $ 30,465 $ 12,510

Complete System Financing Available

With Silicon Solar Flex-Pay Financing, you can reduce your electric bill every month witha TruPower off grid solar system.

Cabin Solar System Financing

Complete System Engineering & Design

For years, we offered our customer pre-packaged off grid PV systems, however, during that time we discovered that our most satisfied customers with the highest return on their investment were those who used our engineering professionals to design, purchase and install a custom cabin solar system carefully engineered to meet their specific needs.

Today, all of our PV system sales are engineered custom PV systems.

To get started:

  • Determine your PV system size needs using the calculator to the right
  • Contact our off grid PV professionals using the contact form to the right
  • Place your $800 engineering deposit & design fee through your sales rep
  • Purchase your recommended off grid PV system
  • Let us arrange professional installation with one of our local PV installers

Note: Your design fee will be applied to your system purchae when you complete your order, or returned if you choose not to purchase through Silicon Solar.

What Will Your Cabin PV System Include?

Off Grid Solar Kits Components & Layout

Components Made In The USA

How Much Sun Is Available Where You Live?

How Many Solar Hours Are Available USA Solar Map

How-To Size Your Own Cabin Solar Kit

What Type of Product?


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TruPower Kits

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Off Grid Solar Systems With Battery Backup Information Guide

Off grid solar systems are great for those who live in remote locations where bringing in the electric grid is extremely expensive or inconvenient or those who prefer to not have a monthly bill with the electric bill at all.

Off grid solar systems from Silicon Solar will include several critical components, including:

High-Efficiency Solar Panels

Silicon Solar uses the most advanced and high-efficiency solar panels for our off grid solar systems. Designed and engineered to give you more power and a lower-cost, each solar panel used in our grid tie kits is approved and recommended for use all across the US and around the world.

Charge Controller

The charge controller is a critical component of any solar power system with a battery backup. Overcharging is a major killer of batteries and a charge controller will monitor the charge level of your batteries and shut down charging to avoid damage once your batteries are full.

Battery Backup

The battery backup is used in these off grid solar systems to provide power during the night or periods of bad weather when your solar panels can not generate enough power for you to use.

DC-AC Inverter

Solar panels and batteries generate and store power in DC (direct current), however nearly all home appliances and electronics use AC (alternating current) power that comes from the electric grid. A DC-AC inverter will transform the DC power from your solar power system into AC power that is useable right through your home's power outlets. A good, high-efficiency DC-AC inverter can make or break the performance and cost-effectiveness of a off grid solar system.

Other Important Components

  • Solar panel mounting hardware
  • Pre-cut wiring runs
  • Solar wiring combiner box
  • Battery storage box
  • On-location & remote (online) monitoring system
  • Lightning arrestors, breakers and other electrical components
  • A backup generator (optional, but highly recommended)


Silicon Solar provide a 30 year power guarantee on the TruPower solar panels. We offer the longest power guarantee on the solar panel in the industry to assured our TruPower solar panels generation of energy, and also to assured you get the right return based on your investment.Silicon Solar TruPower Solar panel 30 years power guarantee provide a reliability which is beyond compare.


Silicon solar also offer a 10 year component warranty on the TruPower Series Components. By using Silicon Solar as your innovative solar solution, you can benefits from our warranty!

Please contact us or call us for more information about warranty at 1.800.786.0329.

Off Grid Solar System Video

Watch Large Size Video

About Off Grid Residential Solar Systems

Off Grid residential PV systems are solar powered backup systems for your home that have extra-high capacity battery banks to provide long lasting power to your most important appliances when you need them.

Your residential PV kit comes with a high-powered battery backup system (which provides emergency load power for your home even when the electric grid is down during emergency situations). Grid-tie systems cannot provide power directly to your house during a power outage due to safety regulations, but an off-grid residential kit is available for your use at any time.

Starting with high-efficiency solar panels, your pre-packaged residential solar system will include:

  • High-efficiency solar panels
  • Charge controller
  • High-capacity battery backup bank
  • Professional-grade DC-AC inverter
  • Pre-cut wiring and combiners
  • Backup generator (optional, but recommended)

For more additional information on each system component, please see the in depth breakdown below.

Off Grid Residential Solar Systems Layout & Components

Off Grid Solar Systems With Battery Backup

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