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OEM Small Solar Panels

0-1W Solar Panels For Educational, Testing & Custom Solar Products

solar applications, including educational kits, small electronic devices, LED lighting, and small custom project uses View All Products

.5V 250mA OEM Solar Panel

.5V 250mA OEM Solar Panel

Sku: SolMaxx-OEM-_55V250mA

You Pay: $ 1.35

3V 100mA OEM Solar Panel

3V 100mA OEM Solar Panel

Sku: SolMaxx-OEM-3V100mA

You Pay: $ 3.50

1-5W Solar Panels For 3v / 6v / 12v Battery Charging Applications

Ideal for any small or large solar power application with use of a low amperage solar panel View All Products

1-5 watt small solar panels, like solar battery chargers, thin film solar panels, anamorphic solar panels, and polycrystalline solar panels, are ideal for any small or large solar power application with use of a low amperage solar panel.

Our mid-range small solar panels (from 1w up to 5w) are available from 4.5v up to 15v – making them perfect for keeping your 3v, 6v and 12v battery systems charged using the power of the sun. Each of our SolMaxx small solar panels are extremely durable and reliable, designed to deliver years of efficient solar power in most climates and weather.

Our 1-5w small solar panels are perfect for a variety of small solar applications, including:

  • Solar battery chargers
  • Portable solar power systems
  • Portable solar lighting systems
  • Solar powered waterfalls & fountains
  • & many, many more
9 Volt 300MA Solar Panel

9 Volt 300MA Solar Panel

Sku: SolMaxx-OEM-9V300mA

You Pay: $ 9.95

4.5V 220mA OEM Solar Panel

4.5V 220mA OEM Solar Panel

Sku: SolMaxx-OEM-4_5V220mA

You Pay: $ 7.50

OEM Solar Panel Information Guide

Perfect for small solar projects, such as testing and education, as well as new solar project prototyping

Silicon Solar introduces the latest dual junction small solar panels - ranging from 0 - 1 watts. Through proprietary manufacturing techniques, the GridMaxx series offers reliable power for a variety of small solar applications, such as:

  • Portable solar battery charging
  • Portable and fixed solar lighting
  • Small solar product prototypes
  • Solar education, training and experiments

Our selection of OEM small solar panels is incredibly vast so we are almost to have a small solar panel that is perfect for your power requirements and solar panel needs.

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