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How Solar Panels Work

A Brief Explanation of Solar Panels

There are several different types of Solar Panels available on the market today – and I do not mean just the different wattages of solar panels (of which there are hundreds, or more), but rather the different types of Solar Panels that are available. The main types include Amorphous Solar Panels, Mono/Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels, Concentrator Solar Panels and Flexible/Foldable Solar Panels. If you are not an expert in the Solar Energy Industry, it may be confusing trying to keep these different types of Solar Panels straight – but just read the article below for the basics about each of the 4 different types of Solar Panels available today.

How Solar Panels Work:

Discovery Channel – How It’s Made – How Solar Panels Are Made:

Amorphous Solar Panels

these solar panels are typically the most low-cost solar panels on the market. Amorphous Solar Panels are made by applying a film with conductive material in it to a glass front, and then encasing it in a metal or plastic framework. Amorphous Solar Panels are the same type that you find in Solar Calculators, and typically provide the most efficient performance of any solar panel in low-light, overcast, hazy conditions. Silicon Solar Inc, a Solar Energy Company from Upstate New York carries a full line of Amorphous Solar Panels, including the incredible GridMaxx Solar Panels, are available starting under $130 for a 15W Panel.

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Mono/Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels

these solar panels are made by taking standard Silicon Solar Cells and interconnecting them and encapsulating them in a glass cover and metal frame. Mono/Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels are typically very efficient in good lighting conditions, and are widely used as the standard solar panel for Grid-Tie and Off-Grid Solar Systems throughout the world. Silicon Solar also carries a great line of Crystalline Solar Panels, including GridMaxx SI Solar Panels rated at 110W and 165W. These Solar Panels can be purchased from Silicon Solar for under $570 each.

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Concentrator Solar Panels

If you have ever used a magnifying glass to start a fire by concentrating the light of the sun onto a single point, you have seen the principles that make Concentrator Solar Panels some of the most efficient solar panels on the market. These solar panels are encased in large metal frames with a convex glass or plastic cover over the front. These curves focus the sunlight more directly onto solar cells inside the panel. Because the sunlight is focused directly where it is needed, it is possible to make these panels with fewer solar cells per panel than any other solar panel of the same rating. This helps Concentrator Solar Panels deliver a more cost-effective performance than others. Silicon Solar carries Concentrator Solar Panels in 10W, 20W, 108W and 145W Models, starting at under $85.

Flexible/Foldable Solar Panels

these panels are unique in that they are fully functional, but unlike rigid solar panels, they can be rolled and/or folded for easy, compact storage and transportation. Silicon Solar also carries a number of Flexible Solar Panels including 12V Commercial Models in 5W, 10W and 20W models, and Foldable Solar Panels rated for desert/military conditions and abuse in wattages from 6.5W all the way up to 55W. Flexible/Foldable Solar Panels from Silicon Solar start at under $100 each.

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If you need any more information on Solar Panels, or would like to learn more about which Solar Panel is correct for your application and budget, Silicon Solar is a great source for information, and they carry over 300 different Solar Energy Products. They carry an entire line of Solar Panels, in any shape, size and output to fit your needs, and they even offer custom solar panels and modules made to your specifications.

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