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GridMaxx 230w Solar Panel

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The GridMaxx 230w grid tie solar panel is one of our most popular and bestselling large grid tie solar panels. Designed to deliver maximum performance in a variety of large solar applications such as; residential grid tie commercial grid tie and municipal grid tie solar power systems. To ensure that your investment pays off the GridMaxx 230w features a 30-year 80% power output guarantee and is built using high-efficiency solar cells durable tempered glass and a reliable aluminum frame that can stand up to most climates and weather.

If you are looking for solar panels for your home or business our GridMaxx 230w grid tie solar panels may be the perfect solar solution for you.

More power
Reliability is at the core of all of our solar energy systems. So is power. To that end GridMaxx-230w modules use polycrystalline cell technology. They keep the energy flowing and operate with an electrical cell efficiency of up to 16%. And it’s important to note that our modules boast allowable tolerances of up to +5 watts which guarantees maximum power without compromise. In fact nominal power is always obtained and often exceeded. This gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors whose modules may actually deliver less than the wattage they claim.

More quality
On the subject of superiority our 10-year product warranty is also in a league of its own and easily surpasses those required by law. And  GridMaxx-230w modules go far beyond competitors standards with the the added guarantee that they will produce 90% of their nominal power for 12years and 80% for 30 years. That is three full decades of reassurance. In order to certify such high quality we insist that our products meet or exceed the most rigorous North American and international standards. Every GridMaxx-230w module must pass stringent optical mechanical and electrical quality controls.

More security
It is comforting to know that GridMaxx-230w modules can handle the toughest demands with regard to stability and corrosion resistance. This is due to their engineered hollow-section frame and 32 mm (013 in) special solar glass. We also use high-quality EVA foil which is ideal for embedding solar cells while the weatherproof foil on the back of the modules protects against humidity. As a final security measure we place a junction box with bypass diodes on the back of the module to avoid overheating of the individual solar cells (hot-spot effect). Our extremely robust modules resist a maximum pressure of 5400 Pa (= 113 psf).

Technical Facts:

  • Number of Cells 60 (6 x 10)
  • Solar Cell Type: Polycrystalline
  • Solar Cell Size (in) 6 x 6
  • Dimension (in) 64.96 x 39.06 x 1.97
  • Weight (lbs) 44
  • Fire Rating C

Thermal Characteristics:

  • NOCT [°F]+118.00+/-3.6
  • Temperature Coefficient ISC [% / K] +0.04
  • Temperature Coefficient UOC [% / K] -0.33
  • Temperature Coefficient Pmax [% / K] -0.48

Electrical Characteristics*

  • Maximum Power Rating Pmax [Wp] 230
  • Tolerance of Pmax P [Wp] -0/+5
  • Maximum Power Voltage of Pmax Umpp [V] 30.00
  • Maximum Power Current Pmax Impp [A] 7.67
  • Short Circuit Current ISC [A] 8.59
  • Open Circuit Voltage UOC [V] 36.00
  • Module Efficiency [%] 14.20
  • Cell Efficiency [%] 16.00
  • Maximum System Voltage [V] 600

* STC @ 25°C (77°F) 1000 W/m2 AM 1.5

Guarantees and Certificates

  • Product Warranty 10 years
  • Power Guarantee 90% 12 years
  • Power Guarantee 80% 30 years

Important Shipping Note: This product is large and needs to ship via common freight carrier (not a small package courier like UPS or USPS). Please call for a rate quote when completing checkout or call and let one of our sales representatives create a quote for you.

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