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How You're Helping Us Make A Difference!

When We Work Together We Can EmPower The World!

For Every 10 Social Media Fans / Followers We Get, Our Employees Donate An Hour Of
Their Time To Reaching Out And Helping Our Communities Understand Solar Energy Better.


How To Share Hours

We rely on the engagement of our customers and supporters to determine how many Empower HoursTM we donate. Take a look below at how we determine our hours to donate:

  • 10 Likes on Facebook = 1 EmPower HourTM
  • 10 Followers on Twitter = 1 EmPower HourTM
  • 10 Google+ Plusses = 1 EmPower HourTM
  • 10 Pinterest Followers = 1 EmPower HourTM

What Are EmPower HoursTM

An EmPower Hour is a an hour of time that a Silicon Solar team member spends out of the office educating our communities, organizations, schools and companies about solar energy and green living.

How Does Silicon Solar Reach Out To The Community

Silicon Solar team members reach out by providing education and consulting to communities, non-profits, schools (students, teachers and administrators) and organizations. We come in and speak with anyone interested about solar energy and green living to provide a base of information that can springboard a lifelong passion for renewable energy and green living.

How Does My Organization Work With Silicon Solar

If your school or organization would like to request an outreach visit from a Silicon Solar team member, please fill out the simple form below and we will get back to you shortly:

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Silicon Solar Outreach Projects

Utah Solar Tour 2010

Utah Solar Tour 2010

Location | American Fork, Utah
Date | September 2010

More About This Project

BCC Students Visit SunMaxx Training Facility

BCC Students Visit SunMaxx Training Facility

Location | Binghamton, NY
Date | October 2011

More About This Project

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