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Why Choose Solar Sign Lighting?

Myths About LED Solar Lighting

Myth: Solar Lighting is more expensive.
Reality: The initial investment in solar lighting may be higher than a traditional lighting system (though not always). But when you look at the operational costs of solar lighting vs. traditional lighting (namely the rising price of electricity), solar lighting systems are incredibly cheap. In fact, a good solar lighting kit can completely pay for itself in energy savings in a few months to a few years.

Myth: Solar Lighting is unreliable
Reality: Today’s solar panels and solar energy kits are very reliable and efficient due to significant leaps forward in modern technology. Even in locations where cloudy weather is quite common, solar power and solar lighting can still be very reliable. In fact, Germany, a nation with cloudy weather comparable to that of Seattle or Alaska, generates more than 50% of its total power from solar resources.

Myth: Harsh Weather will destroy Solar Panels.
Reality: Solar panels and solar products have been used for years (decades, really) in cold, harsh northern climates. For instance, our offices in upstate NY make use of solar lighting, solar electric power, solar pumping and solar heating technologies. Similarly, northern schools such as Harvard and Yale have operated them for years with little to no maintenance required due to inclement weather. Today’s solar technology allows us to create more reliable solar lighting systems that work in all climates, not just sunny, warm southern ones.

The Benefits Of Solar Sign Lighting:

  • Eliminate the costs & hassle of installing sign and flood lighting. You will never need an electrician to install or service your solar sign light and you'll never have to trench buried wires to and from your sign light.
  • LED lighting is brighter, has a longer lifespan and uses less power than comparable incandescent and halogen lighting.
  • Running a solar sign light doesn't cost you a dime! That means absolutely NO monthly electric bill! You simply won't believe the amount of money solar sign lighting will save you.
  • All of our sign lighting options are 100% solar powered! That makes them great for your budget and great for the environment at the same time.
  • Never worry about remembering to turn your sign lights ON/OFF again! Using the latest in photo-eye technology, our solar sign lights turn themselves ON automatically at dusk and OFF automatically when the sun comes up in the morning.
  • You'll be doing a small part to help keep our environment clean and liveable. Every time we use solar power instead of traditional power sources, we preserve natural resources, reduce CO2 emissions and keep the Earth (and our air) a little bit cleaner!

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Solar Sign Lighting Portfolio

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1 & 2 Sided Signs Up To 14' Wide

DIY Custom GenLight Solar Sign Lighting GenLight Solar Sign Lighting

How To Choose The Right Solar Sign Light

# of Sides Max Sign Dimensions Recomended Light Quantity
1 4' x 8' PatioPal-28LED 1
2 4' x 8' PatioPal-28LED 2
1 10' x 14' Genlight-12v-120LED-V1 1
2 10' x 14' GenLight-4X 1

Internally Lit Signs Of Any Size

DIY Custom Internal Solar Sign Lighting Internal Solar Sign Lighting

How Many Solar Lights Do You Need?

Sign Dimensions Recommended Light Quantity Needed
2' x 4' GenLight-In-LEDStrip-150 1
2' x 8' 2
4' x 4' 2
4' x 8' 4

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