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Custom Solar Water Pumps

Introducing Custom Solar Pump Solutions From Silicon Solar

For years, Silicon Solar has been a world leader in delivering powerful, high-efficiency solar pumps for a variety of applications. On top of that, we have spent over 15 years providing customers with powerful customized solar pumping systems. In fact, we can provide custom pumping kits for:

  • Small and medium garden / landscape waterfalls
  • small, medium and large pond aeration / oxygenation
  • small, medium and large solar fountain applications
  • Pool pumping applications
  • Well pumping applications
  • And much, much more

Why do so many customers opt for a custom solar pump solution?

There are actually a number of reasons. First, they want a solar pump for an application, but there just aren’t any cookie-cutter out-of-the-box solar pump kits that meet the needs of their project. Secondly, they demand higher performance and more cost-effectivness than any “off-the-shelf” solar pumps can deliver. Lastly, they have had some difficulties with standard solar pumps kits in the past and want to ensure that they get the right performance this time around.

What are the most common issues that a custom solar pump solves?

Again, there are a number of them. In fact, you have probably heard many of them (or even experienced some of them yourself. The most common issues include:

  • Solar pumps stop working when it is cloudy.
  • Solar pumps stop running in the evening when I want to enjoy it.
  • Solar pumps do not spray / lift water high enough.
  • Solar pumps do not move enough water volume for my application.

What are the most common “customizations” we make to solar pumps for our customers?

We can make a large number of tweaks to solar powered pumps to design a kit specifically geared to your application. The most common customizations include:

  • Larger, more powerful pumps
  • Larger, more powerful solar panels
  • Additional solar panels on a single pump
  • Multiple pump kits
  • Larger battery backup systems
  • Automatic pump timers

Interested In Your Own Cuatom Solar Pump?

If you want to find out what kind of custom solar pump we can build to meet your specific application, just use the form to the right to get in touch with our solar pump engineers today. Please note, a $100 system design fee will apply, but will be credited towards the purchase of your custom pump system.

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