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Silicon Solar Inc has long been the forerunner in the design, manufacture and distribution of solar technology online through their website; www.siliconsolar.com.  Now, Silicon Solar has expanded their product line to include a new series, the TruePower cabin solar kits.

These kits, available through the company’s website are the next step in helping people around the world learn about solar energy, and use it in their own lives to live cleaner and friendlier…from their pocketbooks and to the environment.

“There is a large demand for this line of products,” says Adam Farrell, Silicon Solar’s founder and President.  “All around the world, people are looking for cost-effective, clean, safe, efficient ways to deliver power to their appliances or other necessities and comforts.”

Remote locations have always been tricky to power.  Over the years there have been a few options; generators, paying large sums of money to have an electrical grid connection sent out to their cabin or cottage, or to simply go without power while they are there.  Those days, thankfully, are long gone.

Solar energy offers the best possible solution to those people seeking to power their cabins, cottages and weekend getaway houses.  Additionally, we see a great demand for these systems in the developing countries around the world where citizens demand the luxuries of life, but are unable to use them because there is no feasible way to deliver an electrical grid connection to their location.

The TruePower series solves both of these problems because the units are entirely self-contained, easy to install, and ready to deliver all the power one could need with just a few hours of sunlight everyday.

Matt Farrell, Silicon Solar’s Vice President says, “These systems are great.  They are exactly what our customers have been asking us for.  They want a way to deliver a good amount of power to remote locations without having to break the bank in the process.  Also, for military uses, or developing countries, you really can’t solar power where there is no way to get grid power.  These systems are really a win for each of our customers, no matter how you look at it.”

Check out our TruePower cabin solar kits today or call an experienced sales team at 800.786.0329.

Why Shop With Us

Why Shop With Silicon Solar

Silicon Solar is, and always will be, a family owned and operated solar company dedicated to providing the highest quality solar powered products which have completed our rigorous quality inspection. We also manufacture a full line of solar powered products right here in our production facility; enabling us offer faster delivery and priority technical support.

Search our online catalog for hundreds of solar lights, solar fountains and many other products, including solar cells and solar panels. We also manufacture custom solar kits upon request for professors and educational programs.

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