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What Is The Cost Of Solar Panels For Your Home?

While solar energy may seem overly expensive to some, the truth is that solar energy has never been more affordable, more cost-effective or more efficient than it is right now.  Now is the perfect time to invest in solar panels for your home – and to do that, you need to really understand what is […]

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5 Great Benefits Of Solar Panels For Your Home

There are several great benefits in investing in solar panels for your home.  And, no matter how large, or how small a system you invest in, solar panels for your home always have the same great benefits.  So, what are the 5 great benefits of solar panels for your home? 1. Energy Savings – solar panels for […]

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How To Choose The Right Solar Panels For Your Home

One of the biggest questions asked about solar energy is how to choose the right solar panels for your home.  Why is this such a popular question?  Why is it imperative to choose the right solar panels for your home?  Simple – the solar panels that you choose to install on your home will have a […]

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Top 5 Solar Myths Busted by Silicon Solar Secret Agent!

Myth #1: Solar Power is Too Expensive It is simply not the case that you have to put up $10,000 in order to make your home go solar.  The truth is there are endless federal, state, and local subsidies offered by the government in order to support investments in solar power.  Through 2016, the government […]

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