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  • Build Your Own 45W DIY Solar Panel & Cells Kit

    Our 45W diy solar panel kit is perfect for anyone that is interested in learning about solar energy or wants to experiment with building their own solar panel without spending a small fortune on components and tools. Learn More

    SKU: EduSol-Pro-DIY45W

  • 12-18v Battery Bank for Pumping Systems

    This battery bank can be directly attached to our newer model Medium Output Waterfall and 18v Pump Kits (16673). Adding this nightpack to these system will allow your pump system to run when no sunlight is available. Learn More

    SKU: AquaJet-Pro-BatteryBank-12V-18V

  • 55W DC RV Solar Kit

    TruPower RV DC 55W Solar Kit: The 55w RV DC solar kits is the second smallest kit next to the 20W DC kits. The 55W RV DC Solar Kit has roughly a weekly output of about 137 amps with 5 hours of charging time each day and mounts directly to the roof of your RV with the included RV mounting apparatus. These are typically used by 1 day boondockers. The 55w kit includes solar panels, charge controller, combiner/component disconnects, power/ground wires, and flush mounting.


    • Clean
    • Easy To install
    • Safe for the environment
    • FREE power thanks to the sun
    • Charge batteries and power small appliances

    Kit Contents:

    • 55w Solar Panel
    • Charge Controller
    • PV Combiner/disconnect
    • Din Rail breakers for surge protection and component disconnects
    • 30ft wire from solar panels to battery (Charge controller in between)
    • 10ft Chassis ground wire
    • Flush mounting hardware
    Learn More

    SKU: TruPower-RV-DC-55W

  • Solar Sign Light with 108 LEDs 810 Lumens Replaces 150W Halogen

    9 Review(s)
    Now in its third generation the GenLight 108 is the ideal bargain for anyone looking to light up medium to large signs or large outdoors areas without breaking the bank on installation, maintenance, and operation costs. Learn More

    SKU: Genlight-12v-108LED-v3

  • Solar Water Fountain Pump with Battery Backup 24V – AquaJet Pro Kit

    8 Review(s)
    Built with commercial-grade, high-quality solar components, and all water tight connections, the Aqua Jet 24V Fountain Pump Kit is perfect for almost any remote solar pump application. Learn More

    SKU: AquaJet-Pro-Kit-24V-V1

  • TruPower Portable Solar Power System 500W

    1 Review(s)
    The TruPower Portable 500W Solar System is an easy to use and install off grid solar kit that can be used as a back up power source during the occasional power outage or as the sole power source for your remote location where an electrical supply is too costly or difficult to access. Learn More

    SKU: TruPower-Portable-500W

  • TruPower Portable Extender

    Using universal input and output connectors simply place your solar panels in parallel and the TruPower Portable Extender ensures your voltage will stay constant while combining the amperage capability of up to 8 solar panels. Use the output port to direct power to a battery or a Silicon Solar 12V7A or 12V30A solar charge controller cigarette lighter adapter or alligator battery clamp adapter Learn More

    SKU: TruPower-Portable-Extender

  • Solar Fountain Submersible Pump Replacement Pump– AquaJet Pro 6-9V

    5 Review(s)
    Easy to install clean and maintain our AquaJet 6-9 V Replacement pump is the ideal solution for your small to medium solar water applications including birdbaths fountains or waterfalls or your own creative landscaping design. Learn More

    SKU: AquaJet-Pro-PUMP69

  • AquaJet Pro Solar Fountain Submersible Pump 12-24V

    4 Review(s)
    The AquaJet 12-24V Replacement Pump introduces the latest in DC brushless motor technology and commercial grade durability. Designed as the replacement pump for our AquaJet 12-24 V Solar Fountain Kit this pump includes an adjustable flow knob and dry run protection feature. Learn More

    SKU: AquaJet-Pro-PUMP1224

  • TruPower Charge Controller 12V30A

    The TruPower 12V 30A Solar Charge Regulator is designed to control the charging from the solar panel to the battery and then draw power from the battery to the outputs. The charge regulator has a lot of features that are not found on other solar charge controllers. It can handle charge or discharge from either a 12V battery or 24V battery. Learn More

    SKU: TruPower-CContr-12V30A

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