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  • 12v Automotive Solar Battery Charger 4.8W

    12v Automotive Solar Battery Charger 4.8W: By helping keep the level of your car battery constant the 12v battery charger can prevent internal loss of power and prolong your car battery life. Easy to use Instructions use with cars, vans, trucks and farm equipment. Learn More

    SKU: AutoSol-Maintainer-12V4_8W

  • Daisy Chain Accessory RA-6

    SolMaxx Acc PowerFilm Parallel Y Cable: Daisy Chain Accessory RA-6 for Powerfilm: Use the Daisy Chain cord to connect two PowerFilm flexible chargers in parallel for increased current output (Amps). It connects multiple panels for a combined output of up to 20 Amps. The Daisy Chain accessory includes professional marine-grade components ready to attach to your PowerFilm flexible Solar Panel. It has a 32” length wire with a 12” branch for another panel. Learn More

    SKU: SolMaxx-Acc-PowerFilm-ParallelYCable

  • Quad Travel Charger Plus

    1 Review(s)
    This charger is designed to charge 4 batteries at once and it features an adjustable belt slip which can be adjusted to allow the solar panel to receive as much sunlight as possible. The AA and AAA Solar Battery Charger is a must have for campers and hikers who want to be able to take their electronic devices along with them. Learn More

    SKU: 16646

  • 12V 2.3Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Solar

    12V 2.3Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery: Our 12V 2.3Ahr sealed lead acid batteries are one of our most solar. Perfect for use in a variety of small solar power systems the 12V 2.3Ahr sealed lead acid battery has enough power storage for portable solar charging and solar lighting systems. The state-of-the-art lead-acid battery is the valve-regulated type of battery (sometimes called sealed or maintenance-free) which fixes the acid electrolyte in a gel or in an absorptive fiberglass mat. Learn More

    SKU: 05-1281a

  • 40W Amorphous Solar Panel

    Introduced by Silicon Solar the Amorphous Solar Panel is defined by its quality and originality. Through proprietary manufacturing techniques the Amorphous Solar Panels series features the latest in amorphous panel technology and provide reliable power for home business or personal use. Amorphous Solar Panels range in power output from 15 to 105 Watts and they are slightly transparent. Learn More

    SKU: SolMaxx-ThinFilm-48V40W

  • Solar Icicle Holiday Lights

    2 Review(s)
    Our PatioPal Solar Icicle Holiday Lights are a customer favorite and bestseller. Enjoy the beauty of outdoor lighting during the holiday season without the added cost for electricity. Learn More

    SKU: PatioPal-GS-Holiday-Icicle

  • Stand for 10G Drainback Solar Hot Water Tank

    This welded-aluminum Stand fits directly on top of your Solar Hot Water or Traditional Storage Tank. This creates a less cluttered installation and a more professional looking presentation of the Solar Hot Water System. Learn More

    SKU: StorMaxx-0DB-A-STAND

  • Drainback Solar Hot Water Tank 10G With Copper Heat Exchanger

    The Drain Back Tank is designed to allow the solar collectors to drain all the water from collector and related pipe connections into the drain back tank reservoir to protect the system from both freezing and overheating. The Drain Back Tank comes with either an internal heat exchanger for use with a storage tank or without a heat exchanger to be connected to a tank with an internal heat exchanger or plate frame heat exchanger. Learn More

    SKU: StorMaxx-0DB-10HE

  • Drainback Solar Hot Water Tank 10G

    The 10 Gallon Drainback Solar Hot Water Tank from SunMaxx is made of stainless steel with rigid foam insulation and a dent resistant ABS plastic cover jacket. These tanks feature a full 5 year warranty and they can be used with any SunMaxx Solar Collector to create an affordable Drainback Solar Hot Water System. Learn More

    SKU: StorMaxx-0DB-10

  • Solar Attic Fan

    Solar Attic Fan: The Solar Attic Fan will arrive at your door fully assembled and ready to go. Without the hassle of wiring the 10 watt version has a venting capacity of up to 1200 square feet. The 10 watt unit operates at up to 850 CFMs. Learn More

    SKU: 47-18140

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